The Nazis in Ukraine Showed Their Teeth

For many years I have heard both from representatives of the current Ukrainian regime and from those who represent the “opposition” to it (such constructive “opposition”) that there are no Nazis in Ukraine, and if there are, they do not have an affect.

It is surprising to me that these people (who claim that there are no Nazis or almost no Nazis) do not experience cognitive dissonance because they are in “opposition” to absent Nazis for the 7th year and cannot take power from those who don’t exist.

Yesterday’s case of Sivokho, whom those who don’t exist pushed around a little and even shoved to the floor, gives us the opportunity to understand the true state of affairs.

So, a close friend of the president and adviser (albeit freelance) to the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine was attacked by Nazis from “Azov” and related Nazi structures (the first violin was played by “Azov”, but at minimum representatives of “Svoboda” were there too) at the moment when he was presenting to the public his concept of a settlement in Donbass, which, by strange coincidence, coincided on many points with the issues discussed a day earlier in Minsk by Kozak and Ermak. I.e., it is not exactly the “Sivokho peace plan”, but the outline of the “peace plan” of the Ukrainian authorities.

And it should be noted that this plan, from the point of view of Kiev’s interests, is very promising. Its main (and most dangerous for the DPR/LPR and Russia) part is the organisation of “platforms for dialogue”. The Ukrainian government is trying to start semi-official dialogue with Donbass, which can quickly receive the features of the official one. Given the old ties and the possibilities of informal influence on the ruling elite of the DPR/LPR, as well as the fact that with the beginning of direct dialogue the main demand of the Minsk Agreements will be fulfilled, it would not be so difficult to bring the situation further to the question of transferring control over the border to the practical plane. Russia, the DPR, and the LPR would have few arguments to refuse to implement this part of the agreement after Ukraine formally fulfilled its part.

I have always said that the only way for Kiev to create difficulties for Russia in Donbass is to faithfully implement its part of the Minsk Agreements and demand compliance with the part that stipulates the reintegration of the Donbass into Ukraine. Moscow would be in an extremely uncomfortable situation. It is impossible to refuse to implement the agreements, but also to give Donbass – with hundreds of thousands of already Russian citizens – is somehow not comme il faut (including from the point of view of the authority of the government and the interests of internal stability of the Russian Federation).

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And here Zelensky (and his friend Ermak) tried to catch Russia in a trap. They released Sivokho to test the “peace plan” on the audience. But Ukrainian Nazis sabotaged it, disrupting the event and humiliating Sivokho. At the same time, Avakov‘s police and the National Guard were actually inactive when Avakov’s Nazis showed the legitimate authorities who the master was in the house. After this, a dozen and a half Nazis (who were not in a hurry to disperse, talking to the press in a lively way) were detained and immediately released. The Nazis themselves filed a complaint with the SBU against Sivokho as an enemy of the people and a traitor of the motherland.

In appearance it is absurdity. After all, Avakov supports Zelensky, and he recently grovelled, giving the Minister’s work the highest grades. Moreover, Avakov’s Nazis do not touch the “brave women” of Akhmetov and the “brave men” of Kolomoisky, as well as Medvedchuk with Rabinovich, compared to their usual speech of who the “peace plan of Sivokho” is a light May breeze against the background of autumnal foul weather. Where is the logic? On the surface.

The “brave women” of Akhmetov, “brave men” of Kolomoisky, and Medvedchuk plus Rabinovich do not go to Kiev without protection. Moreover, taking into account the capabilities of the security structures (which have long grown into private armies) of Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, and Medevchuk, in a crisis situation the security of a particular politician can receive the necessary support in minutes. And, by the way, unlike the National Guard and the police, private security structures will not stand on ceremony: they are paid money for efficiency. If one of the radicals is killed or left disabled, it will have to be accepted. Nazis knows this very well.

But the most important thing is that the “brave women” of Akhmetov, the “brave men” of Kolomoisky, and Medvedchuk and Rabinovich are the “opposition” to the completely legal and constructive policy of the authorities to escalate tensions. They set out an opinion alternative to the position of power, but pose no danger, because the decision is made by the government, and it is the affair of the “opposition” to blow protest steam into the whistle, which it is more than effective at and has been engaged in during all these years.

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In the situation with Sivokho, we are dealing with testing the authorities’ ability to move to a more constructive policy. By the way, this policy could have been the only saving policy for Ukraine if it had not been too late. But it’s long been too late, which is demonstrated periodically by Ukrainian Nazis and their master Avakov. They speak only when there is a danger of the government reviewing the course of confrontation. Then they carry out either “beating up Sivokho” or a show on Bankova Street (depending on the need and severity of the crisis). The task is always the same – to demonstrate who is the master in the house and to force the authorities to moderate independent activity.

The Nazis are not afraid of oligarchs, even when oligarchs are trying to negotiate with Russia. They know perfectly well that the state of oligarchs – the Ukrainian Oligarchic Republic – can exist only with the support of Nazi “death squads”, providing it with extrajudicial force-based support and intimidation of the population, as well as the concept of the “eurointegration” of Ukraine. Any rapprochement between the oligarchs and Russia would break down, even if they constituted a parliamentary majority and a government that consisted of the former regionals now representing the “constructive opposition”. The Nazis understand that even if the oligarchs start negotiations with Russia, they only seek to trade Moscow a concession and then deceive Russia once again. This is not contrary to the interests of the Nazis.

But where the interests of Biletsky, his militants, and Avakov coincide is that there should be no real peace in Eastern Ukraine. In the context of national reconciliation, it is almost impossible to explain the need to maintain extraordinary punitive units carrying out extrajudicial killings. The “heroes of resistance to aggression” quickly become who they are – marginals, each of whom has committed a whole bouquet of serious crimes. For the sake of the reintegration of Donbass and the “great victory” of Zelensky, God ordered to send a couple thousand Nazis to prison.

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Thus, if negotiations with Russia start to lead the presidential office, whose interests lie in a purely pragmatic policy, to jump out of the Minsk trap without damage and so that it can be sold to the people as a “great victory” (to stop the fall, if not ensure the growth, of the presidential approval rating), the Nazis start to feel danger. Unlike oligarchs, who have to rely on “death squads” to maintain their power, the legitimacy of the president is based on the support of the people.

Too popular a president is dangerous for both oligarchs and Nazis, because he is able to pursue independent policies. It does not mean he will, but in politics opportunities are evaluated, not intentions.

Therefore any feeble efforts of the authorities (former, current, and future) to start a peace process (even if in a format that is favourable to Ukraine) were stopped, are being stopped, and will continue to be stopped by Nazis (who don’t exist) since if the peace process is successful the Nazis will lose their power. Oligarchs may hesitate, but in the end the vast majority of them will still end up on the same side of the barricades with the Nazis – without extraordinary violence, the oligarchy is no longer capable of securing its power in Ukraine, so it is inextricably linked to the Nazis and this link will only strengthen.

That is why the Nazis attacked Sivokho, who made a more than moderate plan to breakthrough the military impasse.

It is characteristic that they clung to the phrase about the internal nature of the conflict. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to count how many domestic and foreign politicians have noted the internal character (civil war) of the Ukrainian conflict. Kolomoisky spoke the loudest about it at the time of Zelensky’s coming to power. But the Nazis have no pretensions to the oligarch. He is socially close, and his media does not see Nazis in Ukraine. Besides, he has money and his own private army. One has to be friends with him.

The authorities understood everything. Zelensky was silent (as if nothing had happened), and the NSDC secretary stated that Sivokho had acted as a private person and expressed a personal opinion that has nothing to do with the position of the authorities.

So, those who don’t exist foster those who are at the helm.

Rostislav Ishchenko

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