The “Neutral” Gender Option Started to Appear in Medical Documents in Ukraine After the Reform

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the declaration of the choice of doctor for the provision of primary medical aid that started to be issued in Ukraine after the scandalous healthcare reform the “N” [neutral – ed] option appeared. 
In the corresponding column there are the options “M”, “N”, and “F”This was noted by the journalist Vasily Apasov on his blog.

“I suddenly noticed that in the gender column there are the following options: ‘M’, ‘F’ and ‘N’! It is interesting to know what ‘N’ is? Not decided? Can’t see? Not sure? I won’t say? Neanderthal? A positive Mantoux test result? I, without even being a doctor, know from anatomy that the structure of a male and a female body differ a bit. Well, there are differences. And what is ‘N’? Maybe the Ministry of Healthcare has drafted special protocols of treatment for ‘N’ that are not the same as for ‘M/F’?” said Apasov ironically.

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