The New Schismatic “Church” in Ukraine Started Campaigning for Petro Poroshenko’s Re-Election

In a total violation of the Ukrainian constitution, where the church (the only recognised church in Ukraine is the canonical Moscow Patriarchate) is separate from the state, the Synod of the newly-created schismatic “church” of Constantinople called, while voting in elections, to consider that the president is the Supreme Commander and to evaluate the candidates according to the “fruits of their affairs”.

In addition, voters were urged to study the programs of candidates so that “on voting day, on March 31st, having prayed, one comes to polling precincts and makes a responsible, conscious choice”.

That’s why in the conditions of the war imposed by the aggressor against our people, during voting it is necessary to especially consider that the president is the Supreme Commander. Therefore the arrival of a victory over the aggressor depends on our vote

The Synod also asked not to sell votes “for money or other material values, for sweet promises”.

Our common task is to preserve the statehood, independence, and unity of Ukraine. That’s why candidates should be evaluated not according to promises, but according to the fruits of their affairs and their ability to cope with the tasks set for the head of state

It should be noted that this rhetoric coincides a lot with the main slogans of the Petro Poroshenko’s electoral campaign, where he also emphasis that it is necessary to elect the Supreme Commander, and that he is better suited for this role than, for example, Zelensky or Tymoshenko. In fact, if to be frank, everyone in the Rada knows that this pseudo-church was created by Poroshenko in a desperate attempt to win the votes of pro-Maidan religious Ukrainians who otherwise wouldn’t show an interest in politics.

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