The New York Times’ Anti-Putin Coronavirus Hypocrisy

Coronavirus in the US is breaking records for the number of infected and victims. What does the New York Times write about?

Yes, about Russia. And about Barnaul. Where, if not from the United States, can you see the problems of a city in the Russian outback with a population of 632,000 people: “Russian provinces hit by a second wave of coronavirus. Overall, the Russian health care system is coping, but bodies are piling up in overwhelmed regional hospitals and morgues” – well, at least it is coping and thank you for that. But that’s not the point now.

Guess who’s to blame for the second wave? Well, Putin, of course! Because he delegated, you see, the wrong thing and the wrong place:

“In his long tenure, President Vladimir V. Putin has centralized political power. But during the pandemic, he has delegated to regional authorities decisions on locking down businesses, shutting schools and taking other public health precautions. The stated purpose was to allow local officials to tailor their responses to local circumstances, though political analysts also noted that it allowed Mr. Putin to deflect blame for unpopular shutdowns, or bad outcomes. Either way, the result has become a patchwork of rules throughout the country that are often poorly observed”.

Well, the most important thing is that everything is normal in the US. A couple more tweets from Trump and the pandemic in the US will stop, and after a dozen or so tweets – there will be a vaccine. It’s amazing how the Citadel of Democracy has shamed all the mossy stereotypes and anecdotes of the Soviet era about double standards of the media, the iron curtain, etc. This, my dear, is no longer propaganda or even information warfare – it is called “pissing in the ears”.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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