The News About Ukraine’s “Aspirant” NATO Member Status Turned Out To Be a Cheap Fraud

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The news broken by the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashenko on March 10th – that Ukraine received the status of an aspirant country of NATO – is a fake.

Ukraine received this status in 2005, but it doesn’t effect anything. This was stated by the Ukrainian diplomat Vasily Filipchuk on his blog.

According to him, the only thing that can effect Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance is reforms and completion of the conflict.

“In 2005, Ukraine and NATO begun ‘Intensified Dialogue concerning Ukraine’s aspirations to NATO membership’. It was quite officially called – concerning Ukraine’s aspirations. And three years later in NATO’s final statement in Bucharest in general in black and white it was written ‘One day Ukraine will be in NATO’.

This is a considerably more serious statement than any new mentions on the website of NATO concerning countries seeking to enter the Alliance. Our aspiration was officially recorded in April, 2005, and confirmed in April, 2008. What is new here? And why don’t commentators say what’s more important: neither the intensified dialogue, nor novelties on NATO websites, nor even a top-level statement in Bucharest mean absolutely anything from the point of view of accession to NATO.

Joining NATO requires support from all countries of the Alliance, and this is impossible unless the conflict with the Russian Federation is resolved. I.e., at first resolution, and only then will there be a decision on accession. Only if NATO decides to start a war with Russia will things be to the contrary,” noted Filipchuk noted.

And his colleague, the former speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Voloshin added that being engaged in such disinformation, the Ukrainian authorities manipulate the sympathy of the European Union and earns themselves new grants: “Professional Euro-integrators have also competently learned how to manipulate the fact that the EU got used to talking about any integration that ‘is the journey, and not the end point of the road’. And in this process it is possible to receive grants, awards, and cheap PR for decades. The most important thing is that the journey doesn’t stop and the objectives aren’t achieved. Who, for example, in Poland needs Euro-integrators today?”

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