The Number of Victims of Ukraine’s May Shelling of Gorlovka Reached 15 People

Translated by Ollie Richardson


As a result of the Ukrainian shelling of Gorlovka that hasn’t stopped since May 9th, no less than 15 civilians were wounded. 
This was reported on the Telegram channel of the mayor Ivan Prikhodko.

According to Prikhodko, on the night of May 24th in frontline Zaitsevo a house was destroyed as a result of the direct hit of a Ukrainian shell. Fortunately, there are no victims, however the shelling of the suburb of Gorlovka continues.

“Unfortunately, now there is shelling near Zaitsevo – Golma – Dolomitnoye – Bayrak. On the fields,” reported the mayor of Gorlovka.

“Since May 9th, as a result of the increased activity of the UAF, in Gorlovka 119 housing constructions were destroyed or damaged. Four people have died and 11 civilians were wounded,” he wrote.

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