The Odessa Fear of Zelensky’s Morons: Prelude to a Repetition of Repression

On the 6th anniversary of the Odessa massacre – the burning and murder on May 2nd, 2014 in the Odessa House of Trade Unions of 42 participants of anti-maidan – Ukraine and the allegedly “new faces” of the president Vladimir Zelensky and his “ze-morons” in power look like the old ones: the guilty have not been punished and haven’t even repented for their actions.

During a year of Zelensky being in power law enforcement bodies have done nothing to make progress in the case of murders in the House of Trade Unions. And when in October of last year, at the initiative of “Opposition Platform — For Life“, the next, almost ritual attempt to create from parliamentary deputies a temporary commission of inquiry (TCI) in order to clarify the circumstances of the crime, the idea was chopped down by the pro-presidential faction “Servants of the People” party. It was confident back then in its mono-majority and could more or less do everything that it wanted to. But it didn’t. Only 32 “servants” voted for the TCI. And one of the ideologists of “ze-morons”, the main one at that time, Aleksandr Tkachenko said: “We, certainly, will initiate the creation of such a commission. However, the investigation will be not only concerning the concrete fact of death of people in Odessa, but also the one who allowed and promoted separatism, the invitation of Russian troops to Ukraine, supporters of the ‘Russian world’, which actually provoked tragic events not only in Odessa, but also in other cities of Ukraine”.

Three things became immediately apparent or, if you like, confirmed. Firstly, that this Tkachenko is not just the most paramount scum. It is already possible to get used to this somehow: the Maidan and coup d’etat-2014 carried out the natural separation in politics of such characters who for personal success are ready to do a hard work for pitiable payment and to spoil the air in the church. In “Servants of the People” half of them are precisely like that. They are the villains of the second echelon, but all the same they are villains who try to additionally grab for themselves what they didn’t manage to grab right after Maidan — either because of their stupidity, or because of their age they were not present when the cookies were distributed.

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Tkachenko at that time was a symbol of service and licking the ass of “president maker” and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who, as everyone back then claimed, made Zelensky the president, but it could come out as a result of the work of a TCI into the Odessa massacre. In 2014 it was precisely Kolomoisky who expected to crush the “Russian world” in Odessa, and as gratitude for this, to receive this city at his mercy, along with all its grub — ports, oil terminals, the Odessa port plant, etc. And this is what happened: Petro Poroshenko, who became the president, ceded Odessa to Kolomoisky. For a while, while he was gathering his strength and consulted his external curators, who had a very big grudge against Kolomoisky, as well as their own plans for the specified Odessa assets, which Kolomoisky could hinder. Thus, the oligarch and his people were dragged out of there by the new governor Mikheil Saakashvili.

And in October 2019 the “servant of the people” Tkachenko just habitually acted as a chain dog of his master — the oligarch of Kolomoisky. And he failed to create the TCI and an investigation into one of the most shameful crimes of Maidan.

Secondly, with Zelensky’s arrival nothing in Ukraine changed. And his “ze-morons” derive their ideological basis from the ideology and practice of “Euromaidan”. They are also heirs of the 2014 coup d’etat, the second wave of Maidan-tards, young schleppers — bunglers and losers who will pick up the leftovers from the murder of the country. And by their attitude to investigations into crimes committed on Maidan (the killing of the “heavenly hundred” and law enforcement officers) and in Odessa, they show everyone: there will be no punishment for the killers, because they – murders and killers – and “ze-morons” may be needed, in order to protect their power and position at the feeding trough. So, murderers will be fattened under state protection, and anti-Maidan protesters and other opponents will be punished. Slowing down investigations is a warning: let’s kill as before, and nothing will happen to criminals because they “protect Ukraine”.

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Therefore, the former speaker of parliament Andriy Parubiy, who personally led the burning of people in Odessa and brought weapons and bullet-proof vests to the instigators, was found not guilty. Although he was initially summoned for questioning on this bloody topic. And therefore the murderer Sergey Sternenko walks free and gives lectures on patriotism in Ukrainian higher education institutions, the murderers of the journalist Oles Buzina are in public service, and the Prosecutor-General Irina Venediktova claims that in Ukraine there isn’t any political repression or punishment of objectionable persons. And the fact that in Odessa, on the eve of the 6th anniversary of the murders in the House of Trade Unions, the SBU came to search the residence of participants of anti-maidan again and looked for “forbidden literature” in their possession — is this not confirmation of what was said? The raven, as they say, will not peck a crow in the ass, but will lick it as a sign of eternal friendship and Maidan solidarity. In the way that Poroshenko’s bot would do to the “ze moron”, and the opposite of it – as it is now, when the authorities in Odessa are preventing its citizens from even remembering the victims of May 2nd humanly.

And, lastly — and this is important! — everything that is happening says that Zelensky and his “ze-morons” are driven by fear – animal cooling, bone-cracking. But it’s a fear not even of punishment or that they might be implicated in the course of the investigation. No, this frightens them least of all because main “Zelenskyists” are nevertheless not direct participants in those bloody events. It is the fear of a possible repeat of what the residents of Odessa and the entire Ukrainian southeast showed during the first days after the coup in 2014. It was back then that Crimea left for Russia, frightened by the actions and promises of the Maidan Russophobic neo-Nazis and neo-fascists. Back then people in Donbass stopped with their own bare hands the tanks and armoured personnel carriers of the Ukrainian army, which was illegally sent to wage war against their own people.

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By demonstrating force and unpunished frenzied violence, the “ze-morons” want to prevent any manifestations of a “Russian” or “Ukrainian spring”, which can throw them onto the garbage dump of history. And they don’t want this, because they only just started chomping at the trough.

And the point here is not only that Zelensky himself is panic-stricken and even maniacally-genetically afraid of riots that are fraught with pogroms, including Jewish ones. He and his “ze-morons” still have a lot of unfinished “housework”, which they were hired to do in 2019. They haven’t yet sold the whole country, and they still haven’t received their little cut. And a hypothetical “Victoria Nuland” has not yet given them all the “cookies of gratitude”.

But external curators will still offer thanks and encourage “Zelenskyists” to commit more repression. And it is natural: now Ukraine has come to a clearance sale, and quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic have lowered a huge mass of people into the abyss of hopeless poverty, which means that new spontaneous and organised riots are possible. These are the ones that need to be warned by new violence. So, it is not excluded that new Houses of Trade Unions will burn and new coffins of intimidation will be carried across Ukraine. Such is how sad things are on a sad day.

Vladimir Skachko

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