The Odious Ukrainian Nationalist Irina Farion: “Life Is Bad in Ukraine Because of the Russian Language”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The scandalous Ukrainian nationalist Irina Farion, who became famous long ago due to her exclusive hatred of everything Russian and, in particular, Russian-speaking Ukrainians, burst out with another sentimental revelation.

According to Farion, the reason Ukrainians live badly is because they still dare to speak in Russian, which, as the nationalist claims, is the language of the occupier.

This was stated by the politician and public figure on the air of the “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

She also reminded that the greeting “Glory to Ukraine”, which Poroshenko has attached to the Ukrainian army, is a historical form of a greeting between Ukrainians: “It is a historical form that is a symbol of Ukrainian militarism. This proposal is extremely necessary.”

“Language shapes the development of the nation and the development of the state. Why we can’t exit this sh*t? Because here the language of the occupier – Russian – dominates everywhere.

There is only one state language — Ukrainian, and life is so bad in Ukraine because people don’t adhere to it. Because the most important thing is to find a spiritual base, and it is from the spiritual base that all other questions have to be resolved,” said the nationalist.

Farion also added that Ukrainians live badly because they don’t protect Taras Shevchenko’s language:

“We live so badly because we aren’t capable of protecting Shevchenko’s language. We live so badly because the language of this land doesn’t dominate in our state, strangers dominate. Denationalised people aren’t capable of creating a strong economy. And denationalised people are those who don’t know their language and culture. For some reason in America English is spoken, because it is a state language. And if someone doesn’t know this language, then it doesn’t fit into the economic model of America. And it is difficult to imagine that the American armed forces would speak another language besides English.”

Besides this, the odious nationalist was extremely upset by the fact that in the Lvov region commodity turnover with Russia has increased over the past 6 months by 609%, and as a result she even blamed the mayor of Lvov, Andrey Sadovy, for this.

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