The “Opposition” Seeks New US Sanctions Against Russia Through Kara-Murza

The Russian opposition, through Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr, tries to achieve the imposition of new US sanctions on the Russian Federation and prepares a platform for interference in internal affairs.

The US Senators Marco Rubio and Ben Cardin demanded from the State Department and the Department of the Treasury to introduce new restrictions within the framework of the “Magnitsky Act” against certain Russian officials who allegedly “pursue” the opposition in the Russian Federation. Legislators published a joint open letter that was sent to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin on Cardin’s website.

The Russian opposition immediately started to actively promote the demand made by US Senators as support and protection. If one looks at the number of links between the liberal movement of the Russian Federation and the US government, there is no doubt that the State Department implements its ideas through representatives of the Russian opposition. For this purpose the political figure Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr, who has long proved to be an “opposition mouthpiece” in the US, was used for a long time.

The opposition in the Russian Federation carries out the US’ task via Kara-Murza’s contacts

Kara-Murza has long been used by the opposition in Russia as a liberal voice who conveys information and the conditions of “cooperation” to the US State Department. In 2012 Boris Nemtsov started the next vector of oppositional action and created a platform for the American government to interfere in the affairs of Russia – the “Magnitsky Act”, which stipulates the introduction of American sanctions against Russian officials who allegedly violate human rights. Nemtsov made a database of persons who should be criticised. Kara-Murza became Nemtsov’s successor and even pushed in the US State Department the idea about imposing sanctions for violating the rights to freedom of “self-expression, unions, and rallies” in the Russian Federation.

The public figure, who was the chairman of the “PARNAS” party thanks to his friendship and active promotion by the fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, in the past repeatedly communicated with the US Congress on behalf of the Russian opposition. In addition, in the Nemtsov Foundation, established under the direct influence of the American government, where Kara-Murza is the director, there are figures such as the former US ambassador to Russia and specialist in colour revolutions Michael McFaul, as well as the American politician Kathy Brin. Khodorkovsky is also on the organisation’s council, who regularly tries to rock the situation in Russia and destabilise it.

Moreover, Kara-Murza had a close friendship with the ardent Russophobe John McCain and even carried his coffin after the American senator died from cancer.

In other words, Kara-Murza has old ties with the American government and possesses Khodorkovsky’s resources for the implementation of the main goal — the creation of an opportunity for the US to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. The “Magnitsky Act” developed by the opposition in Russia is a very advantageous springboard for this.

The opposition creates a platform for US interference

Kara-Murza, who has an abundance of ties with the American government, including through the Nemtsov Foundation, is once again promoting an explicit anti-Russian initiative to impose sanctions on the country and its politicians. In this case the US State Department uses a tried an tested scheme involving pocket senators who make demands. This is necessary for the creation of a chain designed to distract public attention from the main client – the American government. The US has been developing tools to interfere in Russia’s affairs for many years.

The opposition in the Russian Federation obligingly gave the State Department this tool into its hands, having drafted the “Magnitsky Act” and having created a springboard for interference. Kara-Murza, acting with the assistance of Khodorkovsky and the American representatives from the Nemtsov Foundation, is ready to continue trying to destabilise the situation in Russia, promoting the idea of imposing new sanctions. According to him, as was pronounced in PACE, there are about 200 political prisoners in the country demanding “protection”, which, apparently, the US is ready to provide. The appearance in PACE actually became an official appeal to the American government to launch a new chain of actions that will lead to the imposition of sanctions and more interference in the country’s affairs.

Soldiers of the enemy

The deputy of the State Duma Evgeny Fedorov said that Kara-Murza Jr showed with his behaviour that he is not a representative of the Russian opposition, because the opposition supports the wellbeing of the country. He is “a traitor serving the interests of the US”. And those who, with the help of Kara-Murza and his contacts, try to create a new platform for American interference in Russian domestic politics are the same traitors as Hitler’s henchmen in the occupied territories.

“Kara-Murza is not shy about his ties with American politicians. Moreover, he brags about them. And here it is appropriate to remember the fable about a boastful fly who sat all the time at liberty, and when the plowing of the land ended, it said: ‘We plowed and didn’t rest at all’.

And so Kara-Murza is a hired employee of the American government living in the US at the expense of the money of American taxpayers. He helps Washington fight against Russia, but he does not decide whether to impose sanctions, expand the Magnitsky list, etc. He can only provide information that isn’t in the possession of American senators and to spur them on,” said the parliamentarian to the Federal News Agency.

Fedorov emphasized that the traitor Kara-Murza isn’t needed by the Russian opposition, but he is needed by the fifth column.

“The opposition supports improvements to the quality of life in the country, but the fifth column serves the interests of a foreign state in the country. In fact, they are soldiers of the enemy on our territory in civilian clothes. This is what the fifth column is. ‘Opposition’ is a positive term.

Why are Kara-Murza and his associates needed by the US? It is a competition of nations that have centuries-old history. The Americans didn’t accept either the USSR nor Russia, which is large enough and influential enough to pose a threat to the American unipolar world,” added the deputy of the State Duma.

Semen Ilyin

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