The “Our Choice Is Russia!” Campaign Was Established In the DPR

The #OurChoiceIsRussia action, which started in the DPR on June 1st in honour of Russia Day, was declared termless. This is reported by the official website Of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”.

The press service of the organisation recalled that during the direct line that took place on June 16th, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin emphasised that the Russian ruble has long been the main currency in the Republic, the only state language is Russian, the republic’s universities receive accreditation from Rosobrnadzor, legislation is synchronised with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and residents receive Russian passports and take part in the social, cultural, and scientific life of Russia.

Supporting the words of the head of the DPR and its chairman Denis Pushilin, the “Donetsk Republic” public movement decided to make the action #OurChoiceIsRussia termless.

Social activists recalled that those who want to take part in the action need to call the hotline 45045, register, and receive a flag of the Russian Federation. The only condition of the action is to post a photo or video with the flag of the Russian Federation on one’s personal account on social networks with the hashtag #OurChoiceIsRussia (#НашВыборРоссия).

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