The Party of Pro-Ukrainian Traitors Lost the Battle for the Kolomoisky Plant

NEW – April 3, 2022

The governor of the Poltava region Dmitry Lunin confirmed the destruction as a result of a Russian strike of the last Kremenchug refinery operating in Ukraine, owned by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The company is considered strategic – it provided more than 30% of the Ukrainian market.

“Some write that the Kremenchug refinery can be quickly restored after the bombing. I talked with one of the technical staff of the Kremenchug Oil Refinery. He said that the plant is not subject to restoration. Perhaps he is exaggerating under the influence of emotions. But he is sure that it is easier to build a new plant in a new place,” said ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, who has a long-standing unsettled score with Kolomoisky.

Columnist Yury Baranchik clarifies that the attack on the Kremenchug refinery should have been inflicted a long time ago – the situation looked absurd that the targets of the attacks were oil storage facilities, and not the enterprise from which the fuel comes, including for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“It should have been done in the first days of the war, but it’s good that they have done it now… Otherwise, we hit the wasps of oil storage facilities, instead of blowing up the hornet’s nest of the refinery,” Baranchik comments.

The ex-head of the LPR, political scientist Marat Bashirov, makes it clear that Kolomoisky tried to save his asset by using the pro–Ukrainian lobby – the so-called “peace party” in Moscow.

“Are there any agreements in war? There always is. But, one to another – discord. It’s one thing to solve the issue of exchanging prisoners or pick up the wounded and not shoot at the orderlies. It’s another thing to keep someone’s property. Since 2014, for example, there have been rumours about the Azovstal plant, which was ‘bought out’ by Akhmetov and with him the whole of Mariupol. This morning, conversations about the ‘redemption’ of Kolomoisky’s Kremenchug refinery were definitely closed.

The party of ‘bringing the special military operation to its conclusion’ outplayed the party of ‘concluding peace before the end of the special military operation‘ in Moscow headquarters. I don’t know who did it, but they saved many lives of our soldiers,” Bashirov comments.

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Mikhail Ryabov

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