The Peaceful DPR Civilian Killed by Ukraine on June 9, 2022

NEW – June 10, 2022

I always try to pay attention to the fact that the number of people who are killed and wounded by shelling is not just a number, but the fate and lives of people. One dead person is a ruined world. With their memories, plans for the future, social connections and influence on others. And all this ends in an instant. And this blow is not only on the deceased, but also on all his relatives and friends — on other worlds. Remember the movie “The Butterfly Effect”, when every little thing affects the world around us globally. And here is not a triviality, here the death of a person is the death of the whole world.

Subscribers sent to me a photo of the girl who died as a result of yesterday’s shelling of the Kalininsky district. Her name was Natalia and she spent her whole life caring for animals and breeding dogs. She was probably a good person. And now she’s gone. Everyone should understand and remember that people are not statistics, and news from the fronts is not a broadcast of a football match.

Daniil Bezsonov

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