The Police in Odessa Exploited Martial Law and Brutally Dispersed a Protest

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Uspishna Varta

On November 28 in Odessa police officers dispersed inhabitants [pro-Maidan, some of who are connected to “Right Sector” – ed] of the area of the Gagarin plateau who were protesting against a building development in the green zone. Some participants of the event were subjected to force by the police.

According to the protesters, they wanted to stop the developers, having blocked the entrance for equipment into the construction site. Before the arrival of the police officers, they promised that no law enforcement actions would be taken against the protesters. However, after arriving at the scene, the police violently dispersed the protest and detained one participant.

A video of the crackdown appeared on the YouTube channel “info zachem”:

The press service of the National Police said that the police arrived at the scene and explained to the participants of the action that blocking traffic was inadmissible, since it violated the rights of other road users.

As was stated by the protesters, the police justified their actions by saying that they are working under the regime of martial law.

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