“The Police Should Smash Your Ugly Mug”: Bourgeois Parisian Insults the Yellow Vests After Act 18

Jérôme Rodrigues – a prominent Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) who lost the use of his right eye after the Macron regime groundlessly launched a “flash ball” at him – was verbally attacked on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées – the scene of destruction during Act 18 of Yellow Vests – by a bourgeois local resident.

She took a keen interest in Jérôme Rodrigues while he was filmed by several media outlets in the middle of passersby. Infuriated by the damage suffered by many tax-avoiding brands on the famous avenue during Act 18, March 16th, she made typical liberal remarks that are typically uttered by consumerist zombies.

“I think that the police should smash your ugly mug,” she “bravely” said to Jérôme Rodrigues, while another Macron supporter asked Rodrigues to condemn without ambiguity the “Black Block”. Jérôme Rodrigues replied: “This was already done, madame”, referring to the fact that his eye was indeed smashed by the police.

While she accused the Yellow Vests movement of engendering “jealousy” with regard to wealthy people, Jérôme Rodrigues retorted: “Madam, we will never take what you have. It is not useful”.

Moments after these lively exchanges, Jérôme Rodrigues bemoaned to the journalists the attitude of his interlocutor: “They are people who are hooked on BFMTV […]. They only listen to TV, they do not see the reality of things. And then there are people who cannot feel concerned because they live well. Thankfully, I’m not here to make people live badly or take away the privilege of others. I’m here to have the same thing. I understand this kind of reaction, but at some point, what is [destroyed] material compared to mutilations? It’s easy to take offence at something that starts to burn; but no one is offended by what the president is doing in France today – it is this that is offensive.”

It follows from this exchange that for the typical neoliberal voter, material things matter more than human lives. For example, here is the cover of the Le Parisian newspaper on the morning after Saturday’s protest:

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I.e., the cause of the unrest is ignored, while the reaction to it is inflated to cosmic proportions. It is very likely that this woman was shedding tears for Bataclan too, but not for the children of Yemen, who were bombed by the patrons of ISIS at her expense.

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