The Portrait of the Kiev Regime

NEW – August 21, 2022

Our agreement or disagreement with the theories of Aleksandr Dugin no longer matters. The conscious and deliberate killing of civilians as a political signal (and at the same time intimidation) is the best developer of the portrait of the Kiev regime. Like the artillery fire at the nuclear power plant. Like the war against Bulgakov. As well as the destruction of monuments of the defeaters of fascism.

I don’t know who in their right mind, and without a piece of cardboard in place of a heart, can defend today the cancerous tumour that calls itself the Ukrainian government. Its official state press, like UNIAN, is already screaming and dancing on bones and ashes, telling us about apples with apple trees, hell and glass wool.

And as for questions about Russia and its political system – when the United States and de Gaulle’s France were at war against German fascism, who from “progressive humanity” used their tongue to question the legitimacy of this fight? The United States in those years did not for a moment cease to be an empire and maintain a whole pack of Somozas on the American continent, and de Gaulle was a right-wing capitalist all his life and then appeared in Algeria as a fully-fledged colonial punisher.

Maybe, after all, we will be able to regain a little common sense and, despite all this beautiful puritanism and cleanliness, we will be able to open our eyes in this water dirty from blood?

The Kiev regime is a favourite tool of the United States, which is waging a hybrid-mutant world war against humanity today. Without the widespread – by all means, methods, peoples, governments and cultures – destruction of this monster, peace in the world is impossible.

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Then we will discuss all the theories, we will forgive and condemn everyone, we will quarrel and make up, we will be online friends and we will unfriend. Before that, we have to win in order to survive.

Oleg Yasinsky

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