The Possible Replacement of Kurt Volker in Ukraine

Washington is going to appoint Cory L. Mills – an American soldier who was in Ukraine in 2014 – as its ambassador in Ukraine. One more option that is being considered – to appoint Mills to the post of the special representative to Ukraine instead of Kurt Volker.

This was reported to the Ukrainian “Strana” news agency by a source close to the US Department of State.

As a reminder, the present envoy – Marie Yovanovitch – was recalled back to the US and she will not come to Ukraine in this capacity any more.

Cory Mills has an account in Linkedin. In the description of the page it is said:

“Versatile professional with more than 20 years of operations, Defense, security and logistics management experience, including over 10+ years overseas experience working in Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Somaliland. Excellent analytical experience with link analysis for OSINT and HUMINT, as well as collection.

I have significant experience supporting Department of State, Media, USAID, OTI, and DfID projects in conflict/ post-conflict regions”.

It is said that Mills has access to state secrets through the US State Department and other government departments. He is also the owner of a number of weapons companies in Florida, Virginia, and Washington.

His companies (ALS Less-Lethal Systems, Pacem Solutions International) deliver ammunition, weapons, and military technologies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Congo, and Ukraine.

On his page experience in Ukraine is also specified. He was able to tour Ukraine in 2014 when he headed Pacem Solutions (consulting in the defense sphere). It is claimed that in this capacity he carried out “consultations on electoral security of the Prime Minister of Ukraine” (this probably concerns Arseniy Yatsenyuk). He also protected the US Ambassador during the presidential election in 2014.

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The circle of his duties also included consultations throughout Ukraine, including Donbass. According to the source of “Strana”, Mills was also engaged in training as a military instructor of Ukrainian volunteer battalions [neo-Nazi formations – ed] in the zone of the “anti-terrorist operation”, where he became acquainted with the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

The source specified that Mills, in terms of his political views, is a convinced “Trumpist”.

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