The Post-Coronavirus World: Geopolitical Outlook

So, in the next 2-3 months the coronavirus hysterics in the world will end. It already ended in the People’s Republic of China. In Europe, everything is heading in the same direction. In Russia and the US – an exit from quarantine measures is on the way.

What do we have in the net balance?

1) Fall of GDP worldwide and risk of the Great Depression 2.0.

This has already been spoken about quite a lot and I do not want to repeat it. I would not focus on stock indicators. It is obvious that injections of freshly-printed Fed and ECB candy wrappers distort the objective picture of global events. Stock indexes may start to rise or collapse again. The candy wrappers have nowhere to go but to go to the stock market, turning the picture into “Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise…”

Some of the candy wrappers, certainly, will be used to bribe different Papuans ready to exchange their freedom for beads with the “white man”. Ukraine is among these recipients.

However – to the point. It’s not just these indexes that are falling. The production of industrial and agricultural output around the world is falling. Volumes of international trade are falling. Perhaps, it is not Great Depression 2.0, but the situation becomes menacing for ordinary, normal people, and not just for the biomass of stock speculators.

Obviously, the fall in production and all its consequences is an objective reality.

2) Growth of trade contradictions and a revival of the practice of fighting for “Lebensraum”.

This fight never ceased. During the periods of relative stability in the global economy, it has not take the radical forms in recent times.

The Anglo-Saxon Reich is already making gestures demonstrating that it is going to transform the war with the People’s Republic of China into a more rigid form – up to the theft of assets in the form of a refusal to pay 1 trillion dollars in treasuries.

Before that, some multinational corporation started to leave the People’s Republic of China, moving production to Vietnam or to other countries of the world, where they hope to receive both almost free labour and military support from the Anglo-Saxon Reich’s masters in case something goes wrong.

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Historical experience demonstrates that crises make such conflicts more severe and irreconcilable. We all remember how in 1914, during several months prior to war, some authors wrote about the impossibility of a military conflict in the conditions of an interdependence of German and English economies and economic interdependence in general.

Now an aggravation of international conflicts is inevitable. Its main parties will be China and the United States.

Minor conflicts within communities that seemed relatively monolithic are also evident. Germany is clashing with the outskirts of the EU concerning the distribution of money. Russia and Belarus are fighting over the prices of oil and gas. Britain has already become unmoored from Europe and set a course somewhere to the west or southwest.

Economic conflict is already a reality. It is not yet clear if it will become a military one.

In the military sphere, the potential threats made by the Anglo-Saxon Reich towards Russia are laughable. Here, the Putin administration has restored the parity created during the Soviet era and almost lost during Yeltsin’s time.

But in the economic sphere – everything is a little more complicated. The dependence of our economy on stock speculators and some “effective owners” who still “hide” what they stole earlier in offshore companies, which are de jure or de facto under the control of Anglo-Saxons, is unconditional.

Anyway, the military-political structure of the world will be reconstructed after “crisis 2020”.

3) What should Russia do? Autarchy!

I remember that time when a great number of experts spoke very skeptically concerning the “pot” in the form of the National Wealth Fund. It was said that 7% of GDP is too much, that it is necessary to spend if not all of this pot, then at least part of it – for infrastructure projects.

I can directly say that I thought the opinion of experts, criticising the “piggy bank” policy, were justified. At the same time, I did not do it in a radical form, understanding that reserves can become useful.

What is happening now? The “pot” has already started to be spent. Unlike the crisis of 2014 and 2008, we did not have to spend money to support banks. Not yet, anyway.

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It has to be enough for one or two years if to proceed from the current trends.

We cannot draw “money”, as is done by the Anglo-Saxon Reich or the EU, as all emitted rubles will remain in Russia and inflation will be inevitable. The example of Venezuela is well remembered. Exporting inflation and robbing countries that place reserve funds in euros or dollars is not an option for us.

What will we do in one or two years?

We’ll have to make a choice. The heart of this choice should be self-reliance. Reasonable autarchy. We already took some shy steps in this direction. Now this path becomes the only possible one if we want to maintain our independence.

A conflict between great economic powers? In this conflict we need to take the side of the People’s Republic of China. But not at the price of surrendering sovereignty.

At the heart of economic policy there has to be a protectionism, up to an autarchy as far as it is possible.

4) Toughening of measures against agents of influence of the rival countries.

Obviously, without having the opportunity to suppress the rival by military force, all warring powers will take more active measures to destabilise opponents via the hands of any agents of influence.

In the People’s Republic of China the maidanists in Hong Kong woke up again. They would have become more active in Xinjiang if China had not suppressed them by force earlier and made it impossible to make any attempts to do a maidan in the foreseeable future.

In Belarus and in Ukraine the Anglo-Saxon Reich appointed rather curious ambassadors. One of them is a professional military officer with experience as a military intelligence officer (military attache in Moscow), the other was an Ambassador to countries where the Anglo-Saxon Reich managed to bring the occupation administrations to power (Georgia, Ukraine). A coincidence? I don’t think so.

In Russia we see every day the antics of degenerate liberalistic freaks. There aren’t (and there, in fact, cannot be) any rational proposals from them. There is only the emission of slime and stench, along with appeals to do a “everything good vs. everything bad” maidan.

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If the economic situation worsens (and it will worsen almost for certain – as well as around the world), there is the risk that maidanists will start to seriously threaten the national security of Russia.

If we want to survive in the new conditions – the freaks will not have to be admonished with appeals to “behave decently”, but put in their place in the most severe way, without regard for pseudo-democratic values and other nonsense.

It is necessary to take effective measures to eliminate the Anglo-Saxon Reich’s agents of influence in Russia. It is a necessary prerequisite for the survival of the state and the people.

5) The final purge of the “burp of the 90s” political and economic elite of Russia.

It is necessary to realise that any kind of “Navalnys”, “Kasparovs”, and other freaks of this world are just scum.

The highest wave of military and political mess that will arise in the world soon is expressed not only in the form of an economic crisis and the antics of various kinds of bought-off inadequates.

A much bigger threat for the national security of Russia is posed by “burp of the 90s” in power. Any “Chubaises” and “Abramovichs”.

Does anyone have any doubts about which side they will take if it comes to an open conflict?

“Burp of the 90s” needs to be deprived of any leverage in Russia. Both economic and political.

At the beginning of the noughties Putin eliminated Khodorkovsky, and the rest of the nouveau riche fattened on stealing assets were forced to pay. “Sharing is necessary”. I think it is obvious how these “comrades” perceive Russia. Only fear makes them behave relatively decently.

It is time to clear the country from the remnants of Yeltsin’s colonial administration.

Or they will return us to the servile state of the 90s. We are again at a bifurcation point, like in 2000, when Putin became President.

Us or them. That’s the question.


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