The Pro-Maidan Advisor of the Mayor of Kherson Was Doused With Acid by Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The resonant case concerning the attack on the Maidan activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk, who held the post of the adviser to the mayor of Kherson, has taken an unexpected turn. The organisers and participants of the attempt to kill her not only earlier fought on the side of Kiev in the civil war in Donbass, but also profess neo-Nazi views.

As a reminder, on August 21st it became known that the Kherson city court had arrested the citizens of Ukraine Vladimir Vasyanovich and Sergey Torbin. According to the investigators, they were accomplices in the organisation of an attempt to kill Gandzyuk. They were detained at a Kherson bus station on August 17th.

As the Ukrainian media reported, Vladimir Vasyanovich was born in 1995 and is a native of Zhytomyr. He was a combatant in Donbass as a part of the 5th detached battalion of the voluntary Ukrainian corps “Right Sector”. His callsign was “Shurup”. He was involved in the fighting at the Donetsk airport, Saur-Mogila, and Avdeevka. During a combat operation he triggered a land mine and lost his left leg.

However, the media modestly holds back the fact that Vasyanovich was involved in a scandal in the very center of Europe – the European Parliament, where the Kiev regime presented the “Peremozhtsi” [“Winners” – ed] exhibition. This was noted by the Ukrainian blogger Mariyana Petsyukh.

“Vasyanovich is a former participant of the ‘Peremozhtsi’ project, which former wounded ATO militants with artificial limbs participated in (this is how the Kiev regime once called the civil war in Donbass). Earlier there was a scandal involving Vasyanovich, in the context of his participation in ‘Peremozhtsi’ – he was accused of having ‘profascist views’. The organisers of the project answered by saying that this is ‘informational fabrications and an attempt to disrupt the exhibition’,” she wrote.

As a reminder, the first to report about the scandal in Brussels was the Polish journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk. He took and published photos of the exhibition, one of the participants of which was the 21-year-old volunteer Vladimir Vasyanovich, who lost his leg, having triggered a mine in the village of Spartak.

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In these photos Vasyanovich has a naked torso and it is possible to see a big tattoo with a swastika on his chest. Besides this, on the inside of his right hand there is the coat of arms of the Third Reich.

The Ukrainian media also published footage of Vasyanovich’s interview, which he came to wearing clothes bearing the inscription “Waffen-SS Tottenkopf”.

The photos of Vasyanovich were sent to the organisers of the Dutch referendum on the association of Ukraine with the EU “GeenStijl”, which was reported on their website. As a result, the Dutch voted against signing the agreement with Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Vishnevsky – one more participant in the attack on Gandzyuk – also fought in Donbass on the side of Kiev. Just like the one who directly poured acid on Gandzyuk – somebody with the callsign “Muravey”. Mariyana Petsyukh gives his surname — Grabovsky.

Apparently, he was Vasyanovich and Torbin’s colleagues in “Right Sector”. The combat units of this organisation were mostly staffed by the Ukrainian ultra-right professing neo-Nazi views – like, in particular, Vasyanovich, who gained fame in Europe.

It turns out that the well-known Maidan activist had acid poured on her by precisely those who in 2014 were the main striking force of Maidan and by militants of the post-Maidan Kiev regime in Donbass — the Ukrainian ultra-right.

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