The Pro-Maidan Ukrainian Deputy Sergey Leshchenko Accused Kiev of Conniving With Nazism

Translated by Ollie Richardson


One of the activists of Maidan, the People’s Deputy Sergey Leshchenko, accused the Ukrainian authorities of conniving with Nazis. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“The impunity of the latest attack on Romanis has led to a new round of violence and, as a result, the first death. The leaders of the State of Ukraine – the President and the Minister of Internal Affairs – must finally decide whose side they are on — the European Convention on Human Rights or the book ‘Mein Kampf’. The wave of massacres doesn’t stop the flirting with neo-Nazis – it stops the inevitability of punishment for all criminals, from pickpockets to corrupt high-ranking officials,” wrote Leshchenko.

He also expressed gratitude to the police for quickly detaining the thugs.

On the night of June 23rd a camp on the suburb of Lvov was attacked by Ukrainian nationalists. One of the inhabitants of the camp — a 24-year-old man – was killed as a result. In addition, four persons were wounded.

Seven of the those who attacked the camp were detained. They are threatened with imprisonment – from 15 years to a life sentence.

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