The Process Has Started, the Main Thing Now Is Not to Interfere (Part 2)

NEW – June 19, 2022

Part 1 can be found here

Have you noticed how the attitude towards “universal values” is already changing all over the world? It’s enough to make a cat laugh how the former hegemon is periodically exerting itself to assemble an all-galactic summit of democracies, while it is openly being given the finger even from the underbelly.

But this is on a global level, everything is clear there, Obama’s dream will come true soon: Big Mac in New York at 1.2. In rubles, of course.

And what is there at a lower level, at the bottom, so to speak?

There the other day in San Carlos (Venezuela, state of Cojedes), in one of the restaurants, people noticed our Juan Guaido, his removal was first demanded, then he was carelessly beaten, and at parting several bullets were fired at the car in which this protege of the empire of goodness and light retreated from an angry crowd of fellow citizens.

It would seem like a triviality, an episode, but this is well illustrated by an oil painting that suddenly quietly (Tikhanovskaya, hi!) and imperceptibly bailed. Well, who wants to be hit in the face in a public place? But quite recently, our homegrown ones could also be found in some Moscow (and not only) restaurant and nothing happened.

I somehow, 7-8 years ago, spotted Ilya Ponomarev (I’ve never seen any others) and just thought: he’s kind of small and untidy, and also, by the way, quiet and persecuted, although I admit that this is subjective. And a close friend had another case: a discontentedly squealing Gudkov-dad barges into the cafe and immediately receives a remark from her – “Can’t you be quieter?”. The 120 kgs of the Gudkov substance are surprised and turn with a creak with a counter question: “Who are you anyway?” and they get a lightning speed/verified “I’m definitely not your electorate.” After which there is silence, interrupted only by the laughter of others.

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And note, there is no bruising, no bullet, or even strong expressions, everything is civilised and cultured, as is customary in decent society (remembering all sorts of Kokorins and Mamayevs is a lot of honour, the cases are primordial).

And now imagine the appearance of these thoroughly liberal characters like them in a public place. Today. Right now. You imagined? So I also say: a fight is guaranteed, without bullets, of course. And where have decency and intelligence gone, even in such a tolerant society as the Russian one? While not too much time has passed.

And it’s not that all this public, consisting mainly of experts in laundering money acquired via “back-breaking labour”, was afraid of Navalny‘s prospects. They were scared, of course, because they have a lot to hide about themselves, but they were scared and bailed mainly not because they will bite the dust, everything is much cooler and most of them are now keeping quiet even behind the cordon.

Firstly, they suddenly realised that they had confused tourism with emigration. Secondly, it turned out to be very dangerous to pretend to be ideological, because “Novichok” left more questions than answers. Thirdly, the curators can call for the last and decisive thing: if you were once ideological, then come back (voluntarily, of course) and do a revolution in a frontal place in Moscow. Well, in general, a complete set, just like with Navalny, whom the good burghers “voluntarily” put on a plane under escort with all the consequences known in advance.

No, I understand that Roskomnadzor has blocked almost everything and very few people now hear the ideological voice of the wrestlers with the regime and intelligence agencies, but I think the users of the all-seeing eye of VPN will not lie: broadcasts are done by either the same (Khodorkovsky, Kasparov, and now there is a new Ukrainian without a passport – Nevzorov), or very little-known homegrown characters who have bailed for a very long time and have already sat down well on the staff schedules at Radio Liberty, the BBC’s Russian service, etc. It is useless to squeeze out these people, they have had citizenship for a long time. But the recent ones have problems, their admission papers may be slowed down. And the very recent ones, according to rumours, have visas in general for 90 days and a ticket for back home. It would be great fun: to collect them in a pile and and to look how they will steal small change from the pockets of each other and then be at each other’s throats.

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By the way, what about the MH-17 investigation?

Nothing, zilch, no one else is interested in it, because time has moved on. This topic was prepared only to announce a bunch of sanctions, including against the Russian aviation industry, but everything has already been announced and the meaning has been lost somewhere, mainly where lies and provocations rule the ball. And concretely, in a month it will be 8 years that this puzzle hasn’t added up, because it was fake initially. The last time they were babbling about the verdict on September 22 of this year, then this was postponed to December. And it has been like this about 1500 times. Everything turned out to be too complicated and multi-move, especially against the background when combinations for a maximum of 1.5 moves arrived: the allegedly-shelled-by-Russians Ukrainian kindergartens, schools, hospitals, markets, raped from young to old, Bucha is the same. Of course, there are misfires, so even Denisova was kicked out of office for the stream of consciousness, but the sediment remains stable. Cheap and just as effective, and thinking is especially not needed.

Besides, it is unknown how it will turn out with this Boeing, who knows, it’s possible that Russians suddenly will go completely berserk (after all, they know for sure that they did not shoot it down) and will strike. With high-precision hypersound. Separable [warheads with a separating head with individual guidance units – SZ]. While there in December it is already the height of winter with empty gas storage facilities after the summer heat and with almost zero LNG supplies from Uncle Sam. Somehow, even now, these annoying bright thoughts make one feel chilly.

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Actually, it serves them right, they have already achieved almost everything they wanted with hard work. So, the process goes on by itself, the main thing is not to interfere. Then it won’t be necessary to strike. Although sometimes there is a strong desire to.

Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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