The Process Has Started, the Main Thing Now Is Not to Interfere

NEW – June 17, 2022

It seems that the West will not wait for direct sanctions from Moscow, because the need for them disappears time after time by itself. The long–awaited reduction in Gazprom’s supplies to Europe is just one of this series “by itself”, as the market price for gas immediately soared by itself.

The mechanism is already working like clockwork: sanctions have been imposed on fertilisers, food prices will rise, chips have been banned, think about where to get neon and rare earths. It’s the same with oil: the day is not far off when the historical record of the noughties will be broken without regard to gasoline price chaos. Well, etc.

As it turns out, almost everything in the world that has an embodiment in the production of real material values revolves around Russia, which naturally took the West by the throat without much of its active participation.

In principle, nothing surprising. It has been said a hundred times: you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Russia, just as imperceptibly as it took Crimea and entered Syria, turned into a military-energy superpower, potentially capable of driving half the world into the Stone Age. No one will be able to do anything about it, just as Russia itself can now calmly watch soap bubbles burst. Moreover, they literally burst.

All these, inflated by services, country GDP, in fact, can only live by robbing the weaker ones, and when they are refused, they get hooked on total debt, because they are also totally not self-sufficient and can’t think of anything else except how to move digital lines in computers.

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In fact, virtuality clashed with reality, trying to gain the upper hand over someone who unexpectedly turned out to be the owner of material values, on which civilisation only rests. Depending on who wins the upper hand, they will receive the keys either from one or from the other worlds:

  • the old one, where crazy experiments on human nature will continue with the transformation of people into chip robots and, eventually, where man will disappear completely in the dystopia of transhumanism;
  • a new one, where normality and traditional values will prevail without violence against the psyche of people with the preservation of basic values and freedoms.

Have you noticed how the old and the new have changed places? I specifically put them in this way to emphasise that the process of destroying humanity has already gone too far and metastases have gone too deep, irreversibly stepping over the possibility of drug therapy and leaving only a chance for operable intervention.

Looking at all these Borrells, Scholzs, Johnsons and other Ursulas (out of respect for old age, I do not mention some) does not leave a feeling of deep zombification with manic grandeur, which is based on emptiness and pathetic dependence, including on one’s own stupidity. In principle, they got a not very bad part of the world, which has indisputable achievements that they are ready to flush down the toilet for the sake of their already unsupported ambitions. It’s amazing, but it’s a fact that only they themselves can refute and at any moment, the main thing is to want to see their own, quite predictable, ending.

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Why don’t they want to see? The question is not trivial, lying in the plane of a large horizon of events, because they started the path to today many centuries ago, trying to complicate their system all the time and, in the end, built a monster that lives by itself and builds all of the listed (and not listed either) in the previous paragraph at their discretion, so that everyone corresponded to the place that the system allocated to him. And if it suddenly turns out that it does not match, the system quickly spits out an alien element, as Trump was recently spat out, continuing to break it, bringing him under a criminal article.

The collision of the two worlds was inevitable and it happened on the fields of Ukraine. Actually, there could be no other place, despite the locality of the event, quite comparable to some fierce wars going on right now, but far from the civilisational border of Russia and the West. As a result, Western pride has not come up with anything better than to start cutting itself off from all those real values that Russia extracts and produces. And the question is not in the overseas uncle, who took all the European elites on a hook, the question is in the absence of elementary courage and common sense, but also in the deeply primitive Nazi essence of all these local kings, who are not even aware of it.

I repeat once again: the Western system has built the elites so that only the most primitive, who can swim well with the flow, and nothing more, get to the top. This is called negative selection in all its glory and, perhaps, in its apogee, is followed by either victory or defeat.

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That is why the moment of truth is now being manifested in Ukraine, and if this is not enough, then so be it: it will go beyond the borders of this, so far almost no man’s territory.

Beyond the western borders, of course, we should not even consider other options. Because we are Russians.

Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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