The Process of Chipping the Population Started in Ukraine – Guess Who’s Behind It?

Recently, the public has held discussions about whether there could be any connection between the coronavirus pandemic and the ideas of chipping the population. Supporters and opponents of different narratives appeared. Some said that the chips would be administered along with the vaccine, others immediately tried to challenge others, proving that such claims are not valid, etc.

I deliberately did not get involved in these discussions because I prefer to rely on facts in my posts and discuss facts rather than conspiracy theories.

But here, in Ukraine, the moment came when the start of people chipping was announced. The announcement was made by Yury Dmitrishin (founder and owner of the polyclinic “Dentistry of the Future” in the city of Lvov) on his Facebook page on April 26th, accompanied by the following text:

“Friends, I have good news for you. For the first time in Ukraine! In our clinic we plan to install certified bank card biochips. Wherever there is paypass you will be able to pay by holding your hand out. The kit includes: card reader and chip.”

Naturally, some people had several questions at once.

1. Did Dmitry inject himself with the chip? To which there was no direct answer, and it was only stated that “it is convenient”.

2. What is the price of a chip injection service? To all such questions Mr. Dmitry for some reason is shy to publicly answer and wrote the price to everyone exclusively in personal messages, which was reported in the comments. What is the reason for this secrecy with such a public announcement? It all looks like illicit trade.

3. How can a dental clinic be connected with technologies to inject chips into a person’s hand? Dmitry also did not answer this question for others.

4. What in general is going on?

However, it seems that the answer lies right on the surface: when going on Dmitry’s page. It states that at some point in time he was none other than… President of Rotary International (see photo below: Rotary club meeting; Photo from the Facebook page of Yury Dmitrishin (he is in the photo – in the center).

For most, this doesn’t say much. So I will give some more information.

In Lvov there is an institution where representatives of Rotary International’s management also carry out activities. This is the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). The structure of this educational institution, run by the American Boris Gudzyak, includes, for example, Ivan Gevko. In 2007, Ivan Gevko, Vice President of the US Millennium Challenge Corporation, became a Senator of the UCU, and was also the General Secretary and Executive Director of Rotary International association and Rotary Foundation. The fact that UCU is actively connected with US civil servants is no secret. But the topic of Rotary’s activities on the territory of Lvov and the beginning of the “chipisation” of the population, which takes place with the blessing of the president of this organisation, is already interesting.

The fact is that even in the English-speaking environment, a number of questions about this organisation concerning… Masons.

It is enough to search “rotary international masons” in Google and you will see a large list of discussions about this topic. Defenders of this organisation say that Rotary is not Masonic, but it may have Masons. At the same time, even supporters do not deny the fact that Rotary’s founder was a Mason.

In turn, critics point out that Masons are still not just separate individuals, but a large part of the organisation. For example, one discussion mentioned that:

“Charles Marden, who was a member for three years in one of the Rotary clubs, conducted a study about the Rotary and he deduced some facts including:

— Among each 421 members of the Rotary Clubs, there are 159 members who belong to Freemasonry, and this means that they are more loyal to Freemasonry than to the club.

— In some cases, membership of the Rotary was limited to the Masons, as it was the case in Edinburgh, Britain, in 1921 C.E”.

Simply put, a person who has been a member of Rotary for three years has conducted a study and indicated that more than a third of Rotary members are masons, and in some cases masons have influenced the activities of this organisation.

Trying to understand the situation and following the example of other commentators, I asked Yury Dmitrishin about the price of the procedure. In response I received a personal message from Dmitrishin, which stated: “Good day! €350”. In general, from the point of view of practicality – it is not a very cheap service. And it is not clear why the prices are in euros, not hryvnia.

I decided to double-check this information and specifically contacted other users who asked about the price. They reported that they were quoted the same amount – €350.

In the dry residue there is a very interesting situation: an organisation that has nothing at all to do with the sphere of “chipisation” (a dental polyclinic), but whose director was the president of Rotary International, many members of which are in Masonic lodges, decided to engage in this activity.

I don’t even know how to react to it. But conspiracy theories about Masons who seek to chip people no longer seem so far-fetched.

By the way, no less interesting is another comment made by Dmitry, in which he mentions that besides chips working with bank cards, there are chips for implantation, which in some way interact with documents (see screenshot).

P.S. It turns out that Bill Gates, who is widely accused of trying to gain enormous benefits from coronavirus and obliging people to vaccinate the entire world, is one of Rotary International’s largest and longtime partners. And they cooperate just in the direction of vaccination. For example, it is reported that in 2017 alone he and the President of the organisation, John Germ, announced the allocation of $450 million through the organisation in order to vaccinate the population. It turns out that the subject matter of coronavirus and chipping people have a lot in common. For example, the same organisations advocate chipping people and try to portray themselves as the main fighters against the epidemic.

In light of this, it is interesting to look at an article from the Lvov newspaper “Rotarianets” with an image of Bill Gates putting a vaccine into a child’s mouth.

Aleksandr Voznesensky

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