The Real Heroes of Mariupol: Granny, “Angel” and the Kids…

NEW – May 25, 2022

When it is said that for eight years Ukraine has completely gone mad and there is no one to save, this is, to put it mildly, not just untrue, but the most monstrous lie.

Because the stunning meeting that took place in Mariupol, this long-suffering city, shocked everyone present to the core.

On May 21 of this year, during the regular visit to Mariupol of Eleonora Fedorenko, Adviser to the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic on children’s rights, accompanied by representatives of the All-Russian Non-Profit Organisation of Veterans of Local Wars and Military Conflicts “Fighting Brotherhood” and volunteer Yury Gagarin, better known in the DPR under the call sign “Angel”, a truly amazing story happened.

Even the veteran 52-year-old businessman from Chelyabinsk, who made saving the children of Donbass the goal and meaning of his life and brought 367 children of our long-suffering region to Russia (for which “Angel” was awarded the Order of Courage by the Republic’s leadership), could not contain his feelings.

When the next visit to the war-torn seaside town was coming to an end, the audience suddenly noticed an old grandmother walking with a shopping cart along one of the streets of the Levoberezhniy district of Mariupol.

When asked if she needed help, the woman replied no — because she provides help herself!

“We met her quite by accident – she was walking with a small cart of groceries, confidently walking barefoot along the road broken after the shelling. So our acquaintance began,” say shocked eyewitnesses.

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On the feet of the amazing woman were worn almost to the ground dilapidated flip-flops, and her head was tied with an old faded scarf instead of a shawl.

“And who are you helping?” asked the astonished audience.

“I’m taking groceries to a family-type orphanage,” the woman said simply. “They need more…”

And this unpretentious, simple answer was worth more than a thousand words…

Stunned by what they heard, those present began to ask the amazing grandmother who she was and where she lived.

However, the woman at first flatly refused to give her last name and address, saying only that her name was Lidiya Fyodorovna and she was 81-years-old.

A family-type children’s home really turned out to be nearby — and a married couple, who had 11 foster children, confirmed that Lidiya Fyodorovna indeed helps them, collecting and delivering food for children on her cart…

Just think about it — a completely old single woman, whose entire property is a dilapidated house, worn down to the ground dilapidated flip-flops and a faded scarf, helps others!

With all the immense richness of the great Russian language, those present did not even have words to describe their feelings.

Because this is the only way an exclusively Russian Person with a capital letter can act!

And even “Angel” could not resist and, feeling emotional, hugged the old woman, who turned out to be a real angel in the flesh…

What else can be said?

Having experienced all the hardships of war, Mariupol, finally liberated from the Ukrainian military, will continue to recover and heal its cruel wounds for a long time.

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But such people with a real Donbass character give hope — the very one that even in the dark of a stormy night always leads to light — the light of human warmth, mutual help and compassion.

And now not only Russia has its own iconic symbols — the same little Alyosha from the Belgorod region, who meets the Russian military and a grandmother with a red flag from the Kharkov region.

There are such people with a huge heart and a soul that is amazing in its vitality, and we have in Donbass — the girl Alisa from the LPR, who also meets the soldiers of the People’s Militia, and her angel grandmother…

And instead of an afterword, I want to say this — journalists soon found out that Lidiya Fyodorovna’s last name is no less amazing than her actions – Dolya.

This is truly our very real role – to help others…

And the most amazing thing is that Lidiya Fyodorovna has a birthday on May 23! And I really want to congratulate her from the bottom of my heart and wish her a peaceful sky over her head and long life – and we will do everything in our power to make these wishes come true!

Yuliya Sergeyeva

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