The Real Putin. Leader of the Free World

NEW – September 30, 2022

Wow, beauty! This is our real Putin – clear, frank, courageous, solid and deep. He is not some kind of president, but the real leader of the Russian world, the free part of humanity that challenged Satanism.

Putin did not make an on-duty speech, not a semi-official speech, he delivered a heartfelt word to the people and the world.

[English subtitles are available]

Every phrase was lived through by him, he lived through everything that was said to the depths of his soul – both when he listed the heroes of the Russian Spring and Novorossiya, and when he spoke about neo-colonialism and the vile lies of the West, and when he squeamishly explained about the monstrous experiments of the West on the psyche of children, and when he called our destiny to liberate peoples.

He himself – and this is what our enemies and many of our Westerners cannot understand – sincerely believes in what he says and sees in this his great cross.

This cross is to fight with the Anglo-Saxon Horde, which imposes Satanism on humanity. Fight and win, put an end to their centuries-old anti-system.

The September Speech, or St. George’s Speech, is a continuation of the 2007 Munich Speech and the 2013 Valdai Speech. Their qualitative development into a fundamental message, the transition to a fully-fledged formulation of the Russian national idea.

Yes, this idea is not progressive, it is restraining. It seems passive, but in fact it is life-affirming passivity, it is the steadfastness of a defender against whom everything evil and destructive is broken.

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“The truth is behind us, Russia is behind us!”

Eduard Birov

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