The Real Reason Why “Azov” Surrendered

NEW – May 22, 2022

Azov” and others surrendered, also because Ukraine had no experience of heroism and self-sacrifice after the collapse of the USSR.

The rich traditions of the Banderist underground – yes. Security and guard missions as part of NATO contingents – yes. The fashionable aesthetics of pseudo-berserkers – since 2014 in all its glory. And that’s all.

And Russia has, in fact, gone through a fully-fledged war against international terrorism in the North Caucasus. The Syrian campaign. Afghanistan is not so far behind.

It’s not that it’s good. It’s that there was a place for the feat of the human spirit: “Work, brothers“, “This is for you guys!” There people made a choice between life and captivity.

And this choice is implicitly registered in the subcortex of those who are on the battlefield now. To put it simply, a Russian soldier remembers about the F-1 grenade in his pocket, as a last resort. And this is also a facet of fighting spirit.

Neither “Azov” nor the UAF has this.

Plus, the Ukrainian military, no matter how much they shout “We will never be brothers”, do not blow themselves up with grenades in order not to be captured, also because they know somewhere inside themselves that Russians are not animals, they will not cut off their heads, shoot prisoners in the knees and gouge out their eyes.

And this is also an important victory of the Russian military tradition.

“I didn’t want to die for the Nazis and voluntarily laid down my arms” – captured UAF militant.

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