“The Red Army Won in Debaltsevo”: Former US Ambassador in Ukraine John Herbst Embarrassed Himself on Russian TV

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The former ambassador of the US in Ukraine John Herbst stated on the air of the “Russia 1” channel that “thousands of officers” of the Russian army are allegedly fighting in Donbass. The hosts of “60 minutes” refuted his statement.

(31:20 onwards)

Herbst repeated the thesis of western and Kiev propaganda about the “aggression” of Russia concerning Ukraine, explaining his appeal to give to the UAF all the weapons that the US no longer needs. He said that allegedly Moscow hides the presence in Donbass of regular units of the Russian Armed Forces, and the presence in Ukraine of “tank destroying” American Javelins allegedly inflicting losses for Russia.

In response to the objections of the Russian hosts and experts, Herbst said that regular units of the Russian army allegedly arrived to Ukraine in August 2014, and that the main victories of the DPR and LPR militiamen – in particular, the Debaltsevo cauldron, were the victories of “the Russian army, the Red Army”. “Yes, the well-known victory of the Red Army near Debaltsevo,” sarcastically responded the host Olga Skabeyeva.

“Who told you all of this nonsense? We behave towards you with respect – but this is complete bullsh*t. And you proceed from this? You are going to impose sanctions because, according to you, the Red Army, in your opinion, wins in Ukraine. If it’s not a secret, then provide sources”

said Skabeyeva to Herbst, but the American diplomat could not prove his statements

Also, the former ambassador of the US stated that on the territory of Ukraine “there are now thousands of Russian officers every day”, who allegedly command the militias of the LDPR and fight against the UAF. The host Evgeny Popov said that he was personally present at Debaltsevo during the militia’s liberation of the city from the UAF. “I saw with my own eyes how they liberated it. And I did not see the Russian regular army there,” said the TV reporter.

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In addition, Popov reminded that the regular army of Russia totals only about 1 million people, many of which “do not hold weapons in their hands”. With such mathematics, the presence of “thousands of officers” in another country seems to be unreal. “If there were thousands of officers in Donbass, then there wouldn’t be a war,” he said. “We would’ve already won,” added Skabeyeva.

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