The Residents of Dnepropetrovsk Refused to Tolerate Graffiti in Honor of the SS “Galicia” Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Dnepropetrovsk (decommunised by the Kiev regime to Dnepr) has also caused a stir concerning the glorification of Nazis. In the night of April 28th at 2a Mira Avenue, local “patriots” created “commemorative graffiti”. The “anniversary” of the SS “Galicia” division, which is being celebrated in a big way in Lvov, was the reason for its creation.

The graffiti appeared on the concrete fence of a parking lot which intersects the red line of Mira Avenue and the Left bank of Dnepr. The Dnepropetrovsk C14 Nazi organisation doesn’t hide that it is they who did it.

The “activist” of the “C14” organisation Svyatoslav said: “We created commemorative graffiti because we consider the members of the division to be heroes. I would like to emphasise that for us this division is the first division of the Ukrainian National Army. Fighters of Galicia weren’t local heroes of Western Ukraine, because they fought for the sobornost and integrity of the whole country, and they must be honoured across all its territory”.

The following day it became clear that not everyone is ready to honour Galicia on the territory of the Left bank. At first the residents of the nearby houses interfered in the process of “creativity” and peeled off the stencil of the inscription that was prepared. Matters even reached a fight.

The inhabitant of house No. 2 close to this fence decorated with fascist graffiti is sure that “fascists” mustn’t capture this country and police officers should forbid such graffiti.

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When at night the “young activists” from “C14” nevertheless finished their work, among the inhabitants of the housing development there were counter-activists who repainted the fence according to their own taste and trolled the authors of the graffiti with Soviet symbols.

Something suggests that this is not the last stage of the battle of viewpoints, especially on the eve of the Victory Day, which in recent years in Dnepr seems to be very heated.

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