The Residents of Donetsk Honoured the Memory of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Today (April 11th) in Donetsk in the central Park of Slavic culture at the place of a former concentration camp of Soviet prisoners of war a gathering-requiem devoted to the memory of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps took place.

Deputies of the People’s Council of the DPR, employees of the administration of the Leninsky district of Donetsk, participants of veteran organisations, and also pupils and school students of the republic participated in the event.

The current head of administration of the Leninsky district of Donetsk Elena Kaptan said:

“In 1987 I was at an excursion at the Buchenwald concentration camp, it was the biggest Nazi camp, which claimed the lives of 240,000 people. Fascists from the 1940’s decided that everything is possible for them, like how the fascists of today decided that they can kill the civilians of Donbass, to shell our schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. But punishment will come, and like the fascists of the 1940’s, the current ones will appear in the dock too. And we will surely be victorious, since we were taught by our fathers and grandfathers”.

The deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Marina Zheynova added:

“From year to year we gather on this place to honor the memory of people innocently killed in that terrible war. Unfortunately, today history repeats itself, and it is very horrible to observe how the Ukrainian youth admires Bandera and Shukhevych – those people who shot from behind our soldiers who liberated our once united Motherland – Ukraine. And we will do everything possible so that our children know true history”.

Also the chairman of the republican organisation of the former prisoners of Nazi persecution Alla Stepanova participated in the event. She herself passed through the hell of Nazi concentration camps.

“Today we salute the courage of the soldiers who liberated not only me, but also all prisoners of concentration camps from the terrible fate that awaited us, as well as girls of the underground, who said on the day of their execution: ‘The Motherland won’t forget us’! And we haven’t forgotten them,” she said.

The chairman of the board of veterans of Donetsk Valery Belozertsev also spoke about the need to remind and tell the younger generation what fascism is.

“12 million people from 30 States of the world died in Nazi concentration camps before they were liberated. You can only imagine what appetites these ‘beasts’ calling themselves ‘the highest race of mankind’ had. We thought that mankind had been vaccinated from this plague for one thousand years. Unfortunately, we were mistaken. Today on April 11th every year in many countries of the world we gather to honor the memory of those who didn’t return from concentration camps, and we will continue to gather and tell our descendants what fascism is,” stated Valery Belozertsev to conclude the gathering.

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