The Residents of Kiev Staged a Protest Outside “Naftogaz” Due to the Lack of Communal Heating

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Protesters with posters in their hands walked up and down the road at the controlled pedestrian crossing. A traffic jam was created on the road. 
This was reported by the NewsOne TV channel on November 14th.
According to the residents of one of the apartment houses of the capital, the heating still hasn’t been turned on. They blame the housing management office for this and also the Ministry of Regional Development, which is subordinated to this institution.

As a reminder, on November 14th in Kiev it snowed, and people simply freeze in their own apartments.

Internet users were terrified by the events in the Ukrainian capital. They noted that on the eve of the elections, the authorities are only interested in the results of the vote and don’t pay attention to the problems of the people.

“No past government brought Ukraine to such sh*t! Moreover, before elections too”.

“And after all, they understand that they will be thrown out into the trashcan of history and thus they don’t pay attention to anybody or anything… The authorities now don’t have the time for minor household problems… They need to prepare everything and to be able to flee with as much as possible”.

“It is somehow unclear — I sang the anthem, I wore my embroidery, I prayed for Tomos, but I didn’t feel warmer as a result… Probably I prayed badly, I will go to do it again!”.

“There is also a need to jump a little bit!”.

In the autumn in Ukraine there was a critical situation with heating. Half of the population of Krivoy Rog (about 300,000 people) froze since the “Naftogaz” company refused to deliver gas to the “Teplotsentral” enterprise because of debts of more than 375 million hryvnia. On November 12th unknown persons started to illegally extract gas from local boiler houses. The mayor of Smela in the Cherkassky region Aleksey Tsybko declared a catastrophic situation because of the problems with heating. A state of emergency had already been imposed on the city due to a lack of heat in the inhabited sector and also at schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. On November 13th Smela’s inhabitants held a meeting at the building of the City Council and blocked the entries into the city. In addition, in Shepetovka in the Khmelnytsky region the gas supply may be stopped because of the existing debt.

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