The Residents of Lvov Commemorated the Anniversary of the Liberation of the City by the Red Army

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On July 27th several hundreds of Lvov residents visited the monument to the Soviet soldiers and laid flowers on the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the city by the Red Army.

This was reported by the resident of the Lvov region Inna Ivanochko.

“Grateful Lvov residents, despite everything, remember and honour the memory of the feat of their ancestors. It was joyful to see so many people, young faces, a sea of flowers against the background of the official political doctrine supported by the authorities about substituting historical concepts. The attempt of ‘Vyatrovichs’ [those like Vladimir Vyatrovich – ed] and other officials to swap the places of ‘liberators’ and ‘occupiers’ in the consciousness of Ukrainians and to impose their vision of historical processes can’t be called anything other than a momentary juncture,” commented Ivanochko.

On July 27th Lvov residents laid flowers at the grave of the Soviet intelligence officer Nikolay Kuznetsov on the occasion of the 107th anniversary of his birth.

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