The Residents of Sakhanka Were Once Again Shelled by the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The village of Sakhanka in the south of the DPR once again came under UAF shelling. This was reported in the press service of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

It should be noted that this is already not the first instance of shelling on the frontline settlement. Earlier for several days the UAF continuously subjected this settlement to attacks with the use of small arms and mortars.

“On March 22nd, despite the statements made by the Ukrainian side that both sides of the conflict adhere to the ceasefire, the UAF once again attacked the village of Sakhanka using mortars and anti-aircraft weapons. This time the UAF opened fire in the morning, at around the 09:00 when children went to school. Two houses were damaged as a result of the attack,” noted the war correspondents.

The local resident Olga Aleksandrovna told journalists that the UAF have launched attacks for the third day in a row.

“My children live there (in Novoazovsk), I go to see them, I survey the smallholding, and I came under shelling for already the third day in a row. The first was at about 07:50, I was at a shop, then reached the district police station, there is a ditch there, and I waited out the attack there. When I came home there was a hole. The main thing is that earlier they the shells flew over us, but now they land on the ground”.

Despite the absolute ceasefire, shooting from small arms was audible even when filming the report.

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