The Residents of Zhytomyr Protested Against “Tariff Genocide” in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Dissatisfied residents of Zhytomyr came to the central square of the city and made appeals to the authorities “Enough with the mockery! No to tariff genocide!”. 
The event took place near the building of the regional council and the state administration.

“On the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine the participants of the rally quite appropriately remembered 1991 and compared it to the present situation, first of all  -salaries, pensions, prices, and tariffs,” it is said in the statement made by the organisers. “They remembered an average salary of 170-200 rubles or a pension of 900 rubles and a cumulative utility payment of 12 rubles for a three-room apartment (including everything, together with phone payments). They remembered working plants and factories, the continuous employment of Zhytomyr residents, and their confidence in tomorrow. Today it is already both history and an indisputable fact”.

The citizens reminded the authorities that the people can’t live off a pension of 1500 hryvnia when it is necessary to pay 1600 hryvnia for gas and utilities, and that under the new rules subsidies aren’t provided:

“Explain to us, citizens of Ukraine! At the same time, remember that in our arsenal of counterarguments there are always the ‘low’ salaries of ministers, deputies, governors and mayors, and the million dollar awards of ‘heroic’ heads of Naftogaz, and your ‘valorous’ electronic declarations with fantastic currency and hryvnia numbers and property, and the Maldives with Seychelles and many other things. Why is the only thing that is ‘stable’ in Ukraine is the stable increase in prices, tariffs, and your income?”

People not only spoke about the “horrific prices and tariffs”, but also about unemployment and the forced migration of people abroad in search of work.

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The group unanimously adopted the resolution of the meeting, in which they “demanded from the highest officials of the state to realise the European values declared by the authorities in practice: to ensure peace and stability in the country, to create normal living conditions of citizens, to resolutely overcome corruption, to provide rule of law and law and order, available medicine, education, and the employment of the population”:

“The government works for the people, and not vice versa!”

Protest actions under the same slogans also took place in Berdichev and Berdichev district, Olevsk, and other settlements of the region.

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