The Result of Ukraine’s Shelling of Brilyovka: Children Were Burned Alive

NEW – August 7, 2022

The UAF struck the village of Brilyovka on the night of July 28-29. The munition fell on a peaceful home. As was noted by the region’s deputy head, the spotters turned out to be three people. They are all locals. During the same night, the UAF struck the pre-trial detention centre in Elenovka, where 50 people were killed.

A large railway station in the Kherson region was destroyed by a blow from an American MLRS Himars installation near the city of Kherson.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a missile attack from MLRS Himars on the Brilyovka railway station, which is located near Crimea. As a result of a series of strikes, the railway station was almost destroyed.

Information about the strikes on the settlement of Brilyovka in the Kherson region appeared a couple of days ago, however, due to the lack of official documentary evidence, the information on the strike was regarded as unreliable.

The results of the strikes on Brilyovka, these are children burned alive. “The ‘orcs’ in Brilyovka were torched,” wrote almost all Ukrainian media. The results of the “torching” uncensored [in the video above – SZ]. The worst thing is that the spotters were some residents of Brilyovka itself, which also suffered from their insanity. In the following videos, I will have the opportunity to ask the gunners of the villagers what results they expected.

Satellite images from the Sentinel-2 spacecraft, taken on August 1, 2022, clearly show that a large railway station located near the border with Crimea was literally demolished by a missile strike.

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On the published satellite images, one can see the consequences of a missile strike from Himars MLRS on the railway station in the village of Brilyovka. The impact was so strong that a huge area around the railway station was hit.

On July 31, it became known that the spotters who transmitted data to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike the village of Brilyovka on the night of July 28-29 had been detained. This was reported by the deputy head of the region Kirill Stremousov.

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