The Results Are in: Navalny Has Buried Himself

It is already appropriate to sum up the results.

In the unsanctioned rallies of 31.01, in comparison with similar “protests” a week ago, 8 times fewer people in the country (taking into account Moscow and St. Petersburg) took part. The largest “gathering” in the capital – 1,500 people on Three Railway Stations Square. Last week, it was simultaneously 9,000-11,000 people on Pushkin Square. And these 1,500 include the ordinary passengers of the Russian Railways who are arriving in the capital.

  • A hype flash mob of repetitions of short videos to form a trend on TikTok has already shown its ineffectiveness in terms of conversion into a real protest according to the results of January 23rd. Just like the hundreds of videos on YouTube, many of which the platform specifically promoted in “recommendations”.
  • People do not believe in the integrity of the goals and causes of the “anti-corruption” investigations of Navalny. Within a week, even the skeptics realised that the palace has nothing to do with Putin, that the object, unlike what they tried to show us , is not ready, not completed, and the “investigation” itself is not just a lie, but a lie created by foreigners and put in Navalny’s mouth, like a talking head.
  • A new “sanctions list” of Navalny against a wide range of Russian citizens was presented. Navalny asks the US to impose sanctions on them. Thus, self-liquidating after the criminal case concerning the withdrawal of 300+ million rubles, theAnti-corruption Foundation clearly emphasises its status as a foreign agent, which, in fact, all these years was both the organisation and Navalny.
  • Navalny’s self-burying is also evident in the complete organisational failure of the events – there are few people, they are decentralised, there are no posters, there are no signs of any serious organisation.

It is obvious that if people had enough kinetic energy for the first meeting on the 23rd related to the initially falsified investigation, then after the secret became clear, the support completely failed. A proven false investigation crosses out all the years of work of the “Anti-corruption Foundation” and resets the base of their supporters. Because it shows that the vast majority of the materials could also and most likely were falsified. This deprives the managers of the “Anti-corruption Foundation” of a steady income from the publication of “compromising material“, since no big client will give money for material that will be perceived as a lie by default. Despite the views.

Along with the apparent failure of the investigation, the evidence of his lies casts a shadow on the publications and other Internet resources that supported him. And those who participated in the promotion of this material. Even within the opposition, the degree of perception of previous publications of “Bell”, “Project”, etc. in relation to businessmen and officials as reliable decreases.

The nullification that has occurred negates all the information work that has been carried out for years against the Russian establishment by very specific people. It, most likely, cannot be otherwise. When in a hurry, foreigners write material about a house in the Russian Federation based on publications 11 years ago from Wikimapia. People began to play in Photoshop. And they decided that if a certain part of the sympathisers believes in a fictitious dialogue between “Navalny and an FSB employee”, they will also believe in the renderings of the palace library, which are illuminated photos of the central library of Prague.

The attempt to intercept the anti-corruption agenda failed. Trying to “work” with the authorities on the same topic, but directing it against the same authorities, Navalny came to a disappointing comparative result of such oppositions. In recent years, the government has eliminated several large organised crime groups, led by the heads of the subjects, as part of the anti-corruption war declared by the president. For corruption, former ministers and heads of departments, dozens of vice-governors, hundreds of officials, including those in uniform, were sent to prison for long terms. Navalny made videos. Most of them are fake. The “main material” of the results of his work is completely invented.

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