The Road to Avdeevka & Odessa Is Paved by TOS-1A

NEW – August 24, 2022

The Yankees are beating themselves on the forehead because they forgot to ban Russian heavy flamethrower systems under Yeltsin

Russian social networks are actively posting news that a strike of the TOS-1A “Solntsepek” [pronounced SontsepYOk – SZ] heavy flamethrower system on an independent fortified area in the village of Blagodatnoye, where the 106th battalion of the 63rd Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was defending, crushed the Ukrainian “defenders” located there in one volley.

It is specified that thermobaric shells hit the yellow-blue positions in the north-west of the settlement, after which Blagodatnoye was liberated from the nazis during the successful assault of our landing force.

It happened in the Nikolaev direction. It is believed that it was from here that Ukrainian gunners fired “Akatsiya” self-propelled guns and MLRS “Grad” at Chernobayevka under Russian control, which gave rise to a lot of rumours in Ukraine about some incredible losses among the Russian Armed Forces. As for the big “victory”, the Arestovichs of course lied, but Banderist artillery really shook the nerves of our fighters.

And another thing: Blagodatnoye is adjacent to the M-14 Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson highway. Along this road, the Ukrainian General Staff planned to conduct an offensive south to Crimea. Therefore, the capture of Blagodatnoye has not only military, but also media significance, since it gives hope for the liberation of the Russian “pearl by the sea”.

In the Runet, by the way, there was a video of the work of “Solntsepek” on the fortified area in Blagodatnoye, which immediately went viral. The Russian telegram channel “Rybar” writes in this regard: “The video is another clear demonstration of the power and effectiveness of the TOS-1A, which, when used correctly, can practically torch enemy fortified positions and cause huge damage to their manpower. From the front line, there were repeated requests to send as many ‘Solntsepeks’ as possible to support the offensive.”

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) recognised the fact of the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Blagodatnoye. ISW experts report: “On August 22, Russian troops conducted several attacks on the Nikolaev-Kherson line and probably captured the frontline village of Blagodatnoye in the Nikolaev region, about 35 km from the city of Nikolaev. The Ukrainian General Staff apparently confirmed this, saying that Russian forces had made an unspecified partial success at Blagodatnoye.”

By the way, the use of “Solntsepek” was also reported by the soldiers of the “Brave” division. The military source of the site “Russian Spring” broadcast footage of the masterful destruction of the nazis near the village of Veseloye in the Kramatorsk direction.

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In addition, the Internet resource of the WarGonzo project provided details of the work of “Solntsepek” of the Russian army during the correction of the “Somali” storm troopers in neo-nazi fortified areas in Peski. In particular, it says: “One of the decisive moments of the assault is August 8. After the accurate work of the gunners, the resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the nationalist battalions was broken. Further cleansing of Peski remained a detail. Task completed. Joint front-line efforts of the Donbass and Russian units.”

The video available online clearly shows how the position of Ukrainian “defenders” in Peski is hit with at least 20 units of thermobaric ammunition in just one minute. It seems that a full salvo of TOS-1A was fired at the nazis.

The magazine Popular Mechanics explained what this means. Its experts gave the following assessment: “A full salvo of the flamethrower system can incinerate eight city blocks, creating hell for everyone who finds themselves in the affected area. It’s hard to find anything more intimidating among ground-based weapons systems.”

In the Western press, “Solntsepek” has recently been called the “Father of All Bombs”. Thus, Jamie Seidel, correspondent for the Australian tabloid “”, speaking about the attack near Nikolaev, he explained to his readers that this is the most brutal weapon of the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict. They say that its impact is second only to a nuclear bomb.

“Their purpose is to destroy entrenched positions of defenders. Forts. Bunkers. Caves <…> The result is a vacuum effect that sucks in all the air from ground level and jets it upwards in a massive mushroom cloud. <…> It comes by many names. An aerosol bomb. A vacuum bomb. A fuel-air explosive. But its defining feature is an intense shockwave — much greater than conventional explosives.”

The same position is shared by experts of The War Zone, a publication affiliated with the Pentagon. They directly point out that independent fortified areas are designed so that without exhausting and months-long attacks, they simply cannot be taken. Moreover, the attackers during the assault will be killed in an explosive number, exactly what is needed for the Yankees and nazis, who bet on powerful social protests inside Russia due to possible catastrophic losses.

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“Russia’s use of such destructive weapons can be explained by the fact that the TOS-1A is seen as useful for destroying well-entrenched forces,” The War Zone states.

At the same time, the Pentagon publication is very sorry that the United States was not able to ban heavy flamethrower systems earlier. Certainly, this refers to the period of Yeltsin’s rule. The Yankees seem to have just forgotten about “Solntsepek”, and now they are slapping themselves on the forehead in frustration and saying “damn, damn, damn…”.

“There have been many statements (from the Ukrainian side) in which Russia’s use of TOS-1A should be considered a war crime, but there are no specific international laws prohibiting the use of these missiles in general combat,” The War Zone experts admit.

However, it would be foolish to underestimate the enemy. Firstly, we must pay tribute to Ukrainian “defenders”, who can fight and are stubborn in battle. And, secondly, the Yankees, who became puppeteers for the nazis, have extensive experience in reconnaissance and targeting using the most modern technical systems.

It’s possible to even be sure that the Pentagon is hunting for “Solntsepek” day and night. The Americans also reported that Ukrainian soldiers (with the help of their star-spangled allies) allegedly captured a pair of Russian heavy flamethrower systems. However, The War Zone was forced to admit: “But, as recent videos show, TOS-1A remains in the hands of Russia in significant numbers.”

If we talk about the disadvantages of “Solntsepek” (and, in fairness, all types of weapons have them), then it, first of all, includes a small range of thermobaric missiles — only 6 kilometres. Given the fact that Ukrainian drones are hovering in the sky, and American reconnaissance satellites are in space, the use of TOS-1A carries a huge risk for calculations.

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It’s not for nothing that both the “Rybar” Telegram channel and the “Russian Spring” source emphasise the competent and masterful use of “Solntsepek”. Yes, the base for TOS is the chassis of the 46-ton T-72 tank, which, in theory, should increase the survival rate of the “Father of all bombs”, but the nazis in their arsenal have American high-precision weapons and GPS targeting.

Nevertheless, it is becoming clear that heavy flamethrower systems are being used by our troops more often and more effectively. In this regard, it makes sense to quote the military correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov, who said: “We already have a huge experience, even if it is half negative and half positive, but this experience is actively working for us.”

Aleksandr Sitnikov

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