The Role of Germany in Organising a Coup in Venezuela

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


German money for fostering the Venezuelan opposition

The preparation of a coup that is recently underway in Venezuela was the work not only of the United States. The collective West is preparing regime change in this country. In particular, for several years the opponents of the president of Venezuela were sponsored, advised, and supported via the money of the government in Berlin.

After the unsuccessful 2002 putsch against the-then president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez, the facts of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation supporting the Venezuelan opposition party “Primero Justicia” led by Henrique Capriles Radonski rose to the surface. Every year €500,000 left the pocket of the German taxpayer for “long-term consulting services” and “political dialogue” with the Venezuelan opposition.

“Dialogue” was extended after Hugo Chávez was succeeded by Nicolás Maduro in 2013. In 2015-2016 Venezuelan oppositionists repeatedly visited Berlin where they met German politicians, who helped them to establish contacts with Brussels. In 2017 the former chairman of the National Assembly of Venezuela Julio Borges, the opponent of president Maduro, was invited to a personal meeting with the chancellor Angela Merkel. In his homeland Borges is accused of organising an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Maduro on August 5th 2018. Now he is in hiding in Colombia.

In May 2018 Maduro was re-elected to the president’s post, having received nearly 68% of votes. And Donald Trump’s administration decided to hurry with a coup. In September Washington held secret negotiations with unnamed high-ranking officers of the Venezuelan army, offering them to join the organisers of the cup and to take part in the overthrow of the lawful president.

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The representative of the leading political faction of the Bundestag CDU/CSU Jürgen Hardt called the head of the putschists Juan Guaidó “the only legitimate representative of the Venezuelan people”. The chairman of the Bundestag foreign affairs committee Norbert Röttgen called to give the putschists “international support, including from Germany”.

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