The Rules Have Changed

NEW – March 15, 2023

And now attention. The rules have changed, the games in the Special Military Operation are over.

The order to destroy the American strategic drone MQ-9 Reaper was given personally by Sergey Shoigu. The Su-27 combat crew had an order for destruction.

Introductory: MQ-9 practiced coordination of a tactical nuclear strike from the Mediterranean Sea against military infrastructure facilities in Crimea. This is not just a violation of the “red lines”. There are no more lines, as there are and will be no diplomatic notes of the Foreign Ministry. There will be orders to destroy the enemy, no matter where they fly from – from a NATO base in Bucharest, or from any other point of the world.

The personal instruction of Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu has been brought to the General Staff and the Commander–in-Chief of the Air Force – all enemy drones will be shot down. There will be no more goodwill gestures. No “double solid lines” and “oh, sorry, we just wanted to see.” No phone calls from Washington (Abu Dhabi and Riyadh). On prisoner exchanges and peace initiatives – stop! If they don’t understand there, we will make them understand.

The downed MQ-9 was moving along this air corridor not for the first time: from here, US drones participated in the shelling of the sunken “Moskva” cruiser and in the battles for Snake Island. From this moment on, the Russian military perceives the MQ-9 exclusively as a legitimate target. If a more powerful Global Hawk drone, which is capable of conducting reconnaissance, being further from the Russian borders, approaches them, it will be shot down. Without warnings. If Starlink satellites orient the enemy on targets in Russia, they will be shot down. And nothing less.

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From the Defence Minister’s entourage: “We were ready to make concessions and listen to opinions. Nobody wanted to listen to us. They cross our borders, they don’t make training flights near our borders at all. The Minister’s patience snapped. That’s enough. Got it. See you in the sky.”

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