The Runaway Deputy Andrey Artemenko: I Have Evidence Proving Pashinsky & Parubiy’s Involvement in the Shooting of the “Heavenly Hundred”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrey Artemenko, who at the beginning of 2017 as a result of accusations of treason and deprivation of Ukrainian nationality by Petro Poroshenko’s decree, found himself on the territory of the US and stated that he has proof of the participation of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, the people’s deputy Sergey Pashinsky, and other top politicians in the shootings on Maidan in February, 2014.

Such a statement was made on June 22nd in an interview to the NewsOne TV channel by the deputy deprived by Petro Poroshenko of Ukrainian nationality.

According to him, it is precisely because he intends to announce such information that on June 22nd the Obolonsky district court of Kiev considering the case against Yanukovych refused to carry out his open interrogation.

“I, being convinced that the Ukrainian people deserve to know the truth, wrote a statement to the Obolonsky court saying that I am ready to testify about what happened exactly with my participation during Maidan and what decisions were made by the leaders of Maidan. The people who tried to lead Maidan are today in power and are responsible for the fact that we lost Crimea and lost many lives,” stated Artemenko. “I mean, first of all, today’s speaker of Verkhovna Rada Parubiy, who I had some conversations and meetings with during Maidan, and I would like to describe some details, how exactly decisions were made during events on February 18th-20th . I mean Mr Pashinsky, who we discussed some aspects of what happened on Maidan with. And also some other leaders – in particular, Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, and others”.

According to the former people’s deputy, he tried to provide his information to the Ukrainian investigators long ago.

“When I was still a people’s deputy, in the appeal to representatives of the Prosecutor-General’s Office, in communication with people who accompany the public prosecutor’s charges against Yanukovych, I highlighted that, in my opinion, not all witnesses who are connected to the events on Maidan are being interrogated by investigators and during court sessions. And considering my personal participation as a person who had a direct bearing on the people’s protest on Maidan – I also would have to provide some testimonies, some explanations of these or those events. Unfortunately, neither under the first prosecutor, who came together with Poroshenko and his team, no under the second one, nor under the third one (Yury Lutsenko), my attempts to give these testimonies didn’t amount to anything,” he explained.

According to the former people’s deputy, the current refusal of the Obolonsky regional court to hear his testimony within the framework of the public process against Yanukovych is connected to the fact that “today’s authorities, which are indeed the main beneficiary of everything that happened on Maidan, isn’t interested in me testifying about those tragic events that took place from February 19th to February 21st, 2014”.

Despite this, according to Artemenko, he intends to undertake a number of legal procedures and succeed in obliging the Ukrainian court to accept his testimonies. Also he didn’t exclude that in the near future he can reveal some of the information he possesses at a press conference that will be held at his place of residence in Washington.

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As a reminder, earlier Viktor Yanukovych’s lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk stated that the Obolonsky district court doesn’t allow new witnesses to take part in the process against the former president, because it is afraid of receiving new data that will significantly affect the entire result of judicial hearings. Some of these witnesses, according to the lawyer, are ready to provide the court with sensational information concerning snipers on Maidan in February, 2014, and also the participation of a number of acting Ukrainian politicians in the organisation of the shooting of the Heavenly Hundred.

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