The Russian Court Blocked the Most Prominent LGBT Social Media Pages

The alarm was sounded by conscientious gays from “Meduza“, “MediaZona“, “Radio Svoboda“, “Novaya Gazeta“, and other fair-skinned mouthpieces. Terrible, unbearable homophobia! Why aren’t the “civilized countries” reacting?!

The Oktyabrsky district court of St. Petersburg satisfied the claim of the prosecutor’s office and blocked the most popular perverse VKontakte groups – the “Russian LGBT Community” group (187,000 followers) and the group of the interregional social movement “Russian LGBT Network” (72,000 followers). This was reported by the joint press service of courts of St. Petersburg.

The prosecutor’s office in the end came to the conclusion that the groups “contain information denying family values, propagandising non-conventional sexual relations, and forming disrespect for parents and (or) other family members and is available to a wide range of persons, including children”. Photos, video recordings, and drawings representing same-sex relationships were named as the specific reason. They “are regarded as public promotion of non-conventional sexual relations”.


The owner of the “Russian LGBT Network” group and founder of the movement of the same name (it’s a part of the International Association of Gays and Lesbians) Igor Kochetkov, aka Igor Petrov, activist of the “Yabloko” party, employee of “Memorial“, director of the “Sfera” charity foundation, organiser of “rainbow flashmobs”, coauthor (together with “Novaya Gazeta”) of sensational disinformation about “the prosecution of Chechen gays”, former candidate for the position of the Commissioner for Human Rights in St. Petersburg, and St. Petersburg history teacher in the past:

Kochetkov-Petrov immediately appealed:

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“We just learned that the Oktyabrsky court of St. Petersburg decided that information posted in the ‘Russian LGBT network ‘ group on the social network ‘VKontakte’ is forbidden from being spread on the territory of the Russian Federation. A similar decision was made vis-a-vis the ‘Russian LGBT Community’ group. As the official owner of the group I consider the decision made by the Oktyabrsky court to be illegal. My right to spread information and to receive a legal defence have been violated in the most flagrant way, in particular… We spread (and we will continue to do this in all ways available to us) information necessary for LGBT people, their family, for the protection of their human dignity, rights, and freedoms. We spread (and we will continue to spread) information about crimes committed against LGBT people and about the unwillingness of the Russian authorities to investigate such crimes… And the more than 70,000 followers and subscribers of our group aren’t ready to accept such an attitude. Indeed, all of us were angered and with all our anger we will continue to defend our dignity and freedom!”.

“Something can be done? Perhaps pickets / mass statements / donations for something?” asks the ordinary online sodomite under the nickname “Orson Krennic” nervously.

“Guys, dears, we received very regrettable information. Our community most likely will be subject to blocking, this news shocked us, to say the least… We hope that we will manage to prevent all this horror that we are now experiencing,” chirps the team of the “Russian LGBT community”.

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The “Blue Oyster” collective habitually prepares a complaint for the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Aleksey Ivanov

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