The Russian World

NEW – September 12, 2022

Enemy propagandists like to talk about the fact that the idea of ​​the Russian world is about suppressing other peoples, drawing them into their field of influence. And now they, free and proud Ukrainians, do not want to live in our Russian world.

But exactly the same thing is said by the inhabitants of Novorossiya – Russians both by blood and by spirit. The Ukrainian ideology with Bandera/Shukhevych and stories about the excavated Black Sea, and those who do not agree should be destroyed, is being imposed on them. It turns out that today’s Kiev is crystallising its own “Ukrainian world” – with the suppression and forced assimilation of other peoples (not only Russians in the east of the country, but also Hungarians/Romanians/Bulgarians in the west), the ideas of “Greater Ukraine” with the Kuban, the Caucasus and Stavropol in its composition.

The difference between the organic Russian world, which has existed for more than a millennium, and the synthetic Ukrainian world, bred in Western laboratories, is as follows: in the Russian world there is a place for Ukrainians as a sub-ethnos of the Russian nation with a distinctive local culture, but in the Ukrainian world there is no place for the Russian nation. For them, Russians must be slashed, raped and assimilated completely.

In other words, the basis of the Russian world is Love, and the basis of political Ukrainism is distilled hatred. This will destroy them. As one song so aptly puts it, “everything you hate will eventually kill you”.

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Andrey Afanasyev

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