The SBU Advertises Recruitment for Fake “Russian PMCs” to Entrap the Residents of the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian special services deceitfully lure the residents of the LPR who want to serve in Russian private military companies onto its territory in order to later accuse them of terrorism.

This was stated during a briefing by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko.

According to him, recently residents of the LPR have reported that on the Internet there were ads for recruitment in fake private military companies “Wagner”, “MAR”, “Ferax” and the “Aliyanc-MSB” agency.

“In reality, such announcements have nothing to do with real PMCs, but are only attempts by the Ukrainian side to lure the residents of the LPR onto the territory controlled by the UAF in order to bring them to criminal responsibility and for other repression for participating in the construction and defence of the Republic,” said Andrey Marochko.

The representative of the Defense Ministry noted that these activities are carried out under the leadership of the acting head of the joint HQ of the Central Department of the SBU in the area of the “Operation of United Forces”, Major-General Kuts.

Andrey Marochko said that the people’s militia of the LPR managed to identify electronic traces proving the connection between fake websites, groups, and pages of agitators on social networks – allegedly belonging to PMCs – and the Security Service of Ukraine.

“It has been established that for the specified purposes the SBU on the Internet, using the names of the known private military companies, by spreading hundreds of corresponding announcements on social networks, and by creating e-mail addresses, created the images of fake private military companies: the department of the SBU in the Chernigov region – the pseudo-PMC ‘Wagner’; the department of the SBU in the Ivano-Frankovsk region – the pseudo-PMC ‘Ferax’; the department of the SBU in the Cherkassy region – the pseudo-PMC ‘MAR’; and the department of the SBU in the Lvov region – ‘Aliyanc-MSB’,” he said.

According to the representative of militia, the former soldier of the LPR Grigory Kazmin, who previously did not participate directly in hostilities and was engaged in auxiliary work, became a victim of the special operation of the SBU.

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“In pursuit of statistical indicators, for reporting to the leadership about the detention of an alleged terrorist, Kazmin was lured onto the territory controlled by the UAF. For this purpose, representatives of the Ukrainian special services communicated with Kazmin using the address of the pseudo-PMC ‘Wagner’ created on the Internet. At the same time the staff of the SBU competently and cynically used the credulity of the young man and also his desire to improve himself.

Arguing that Kazmin will be carry out assembly and service abroad, and that for this he will need a passport, representatives of the Security Service lured him to territory controlled by the UAF, giving him guarantees of his immunity and citing the fact that he is not wanted there. When Kazmin, at the insistence of the Ukrainian side, arrived on the UAF-controlled territory, he was immediately detained by the Security Service of Ukraine at the ‘Mayorsk’ checkpoint. Moreover, the special services of Ukraine, together with the Prosecutor’s office, immediately reported about the high result of their work, providing journalists with a video showing four armed Ukrainian special forces members in full uniform detaining a young man peacefully walking accompanied by someone. Currently, Kazmin is in the hands of Ukrainian security forces, who have all sorts of leverage over him, can fabricate any evidence, and can force him to give any testimony,” said Andrey Marochko.

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