The SBU Arrests Pensioners for Publicly Expressing Nostalgia for the USSR

There are just no words… The SBU is now terrorising and arresting elderly people who write that they are nostalgic for the USSR.

On the 5th, a grandmother was arrested in Zaporozhye, and on the 11th – a grandfather in Cherkassky. The “crime” committed by these elderly people is that they dared to write on Facebook that they are nostalgic about the USSR and would like it to return. This is regarded as a call for the overthrow of the state system!

And how can people not want to return to the USSR, if they saw order and law there, and now they see werewolves in power, who do not pay attention to the Nazis on the streets, but put old people in prison for not liking this situation, when different officials earn millions, and an ordinary worker, and even more so a pensioner, is put on the verge of survival?

Photo from the page of the SBU – how they proudly declare as evidence that the grandfather on the page in social networks was the flag of the USSR

Aleksandr Voznesensky

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