The SBU Broke into the Apartment of a Journalist Who Criticised Poroshenko and “Found” Explosives

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko announced large-scale searches within the framework of countering anti-Ukrainian forces that have moved into different regions of Ukraine. He 
wrote about this on Facebook.

“The prosecutor’s office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea together with the SBU, within the framework of countering subversive activities, carried out 28 searches in different regions of Ukraine. Evidence of the involvement of a number of persons in cooperation with anti-Ukrainian centers in the Russian Federation and on the territories it occupies was obtained,” wrote the Prosecutor General.

According to him, in the Kherson region correspondence was found with an anti-Ukrainian center concerning the task of organising local councils making a decision about the President’s impeachment for a reward of $25,000.

In the Lvov region preparation notes for a speech at the international conference in support of the “occupation of Crimea by Russia” were confiscated.

In the Kharkov region maps of bridges and crossings, ammo, grenades, plastic explosives with an electrofuse, $50,000, and credit cards of a Russian bank were confiscated.

SBU employees rushed into the apartment of the Kharkov journalist Dmitry Gubin, known for criticising the nationalist ruling regime in Ukraine.

As was told to “Politnavigator” by a colleague of the reporter, the search was carried out by two units of the SBU – one local, and another one sent from Kiev.

The search was carried out within the framework of the criminal case on the high treason of the Odessa journalist Artem Buzila where Gubin, allegedly, appears as a witness. In 2015, creating the “Bessarabia People’s Republic” in the west of Odessa region (600 km in a straight line from Kharkov) was imputed to Buzila. Currently he is in Russia.

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Representatives of the Ukrainian security service, without waiting for the arrival of a lawyer, shoved Gubin down to the floor, and put his hands behind his head.

As Gubin reports, at this moment in a linen cupboard explosives and a textbook on cartography was “found”, which representatives of the Kiev unit of the SBU pointed out to a witness.

When Gubin was allowed onto his feet, he documented in the protocol a protest against the illegal actions of the security officers. According to him, the investigators couldn’t explain to him what connection there is between him and Buzila. 

During the search computers and phones were confiscated from the journalist, then he was taken to the SBU, where security officers were interested in his connection to the blogger Miroslava Berdnik and the observer Dmitry SkvortsovThe search and interrogation lasted 12 hours, then Gubin was released.

At the same time a search took place at the residence of one more local journalist in Kharkov, and also the participant of the Russian spring Spartak Golovachev, who was also a victim of planted grenades, however he was released after being interrogated.

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