The SBU Detained a Ukrainian General Who Assisted in Prisoner Exchanges & Criticised Poroshenko for the War in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The SBU detained the Ukrainian General Vladimir Ruban, who was engaged in negotiations for an exchange of prisoners with the republics of Donbass and criticised Petro Poroshenko for continuing war.

Ruban’s detention was reported by the functionary of nationalist party “National Corpus” Aleksandr Chuprinyuk.

Viktor Medvedchuk’s peaceful ‘negotiator’ Vladimir Ruban tried to drive a whole arsenal of weapons disguised as furniture to the Ukrainian rear. The SBU and counterintelligence worked flawlessly. One can only imagine how many batches he already managed to dispatch, and for who? Why is was done is clear. We will never attain peace while our rear teems with such rats! Other rats already tear off the phones in order to ‘liberate’ their guy as soon as possible, and their chances of liberating him are very high,” stated Chuprinyuk.

As a reminder, earlier General Ruban allowed himself to publicly criticise the actions of the Ukrainian authorities in Donbass.

Ruban claimed that in 2014 the war in Donbass could be stopped with a mutual compromise between the two sides, however Petro Poroshenko made a different decision and insisted on an offensive on Donetsk, which in August choked because of the defeat of the grouping of Ukrainian troops near Ilovaisk.

Ruban also stated that mercenaries in Donbass also fight on the side of Ukraine. Besides this, he admitted that the Ukrainian military shelled the houses in the residential areas of Donetsk from the airport. “This shelling unites people. When there are strikes from the airport, nobody can say any more that the separatists shell themselves,” said the General.

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Ruban also called to begin direct negotiations with the LDPR, as is provided by the Minsk Agreements, however this point isn’t being implemented by Kiev.

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