The SBU Is Concerned About Galician Separatism in Favour of Poland

Despite all the attempts of the SBU, in Western Ukraine a growth of separatist movements, which even local nationalists join, is observed. The corresponding document of the SBU was published on Facebook by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Aleksey Zhuravko.

The report deals with the results of the three operational developments of the SBU in the Lvov region:

1) On strategy for “Vedymak”, concerning a citizen of Poland and member of the nationalist organisation “Zmiana” who in January-August 2019 visited Lvov three times.

2) On the strategy within the framework of the “Shakhtar” sports club, in which SBU officers exercise operational control over the activities of members of the “C14“, “National Corpus of the Lvov Region”, and “National Druzhina of the Lvov Region” organisations, as well as the “Patriot” public group.

3) Within the framework of strategy “Fermer”, when Security Service of Ukraine officers of Galicia carry out the strategy concerning a citizen of Ukraine who for a long time has worked in Poland and expresses during his visits to relatives in the Lvov region ideas about the accession of Western Ukraine to the Republic of Poland.

According to Zhuravko, this is a clear indication of the existence in Western Ukraine of serious separatist movements that are supported by Warsaw.

“Well? As we see, where there’s smoke there is fire! Such Western Ukrainian separatism is more specific than the far-fetched one in Eastern Ukraine, where the leadership of the LDPR constantly states its main goal: to acquire the rights of autonomy and to be a part of Ukraine [on paper this is true, but in reality the LDPR want to be a part of Russia – ed]. Galician separatism is more radical! They don’t waste time on trifles, and raise the issue of encroaching on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which is already a serious criminal offence, and by their actions demonstrate the goals of separating Western Ukrainian lands from Ukraine and attaching them to Poland,” noted the former deputy.

The document states verbatim: “It is established that among the acquaintances from the circle of the Polish community of Lvov, ‘Vedymak’ campaigned for the return of the Lvov region to the structure of ‘Greater Poland’. He also tried to come into contact with representatives of Ukrainian youth and patriotic organisations for the purpose of clarifying their attitude towards the accession of Western Ukraine to Poland.”

According to the staff of the Lvov Security Service of Ukraine, the radical organisations “C14”, “National Corpus of the Lvov region”, “National Druzhina of the Lvov region” and the “Patriot” public group approve of the surrounding intentions of attaching the Lvov region to Poland. Some of them had contact with representatives of Polish nationalist organisations of a revanchist nature who have similar beliefs.

Also, the staff of the Lvov department of the SBU established that separatist propaganda among local population finds a positive review. According to Zhuravko, the SBU’s chances of achieving a victory over separatism in Western Ukraine are low, and the conflict in Donbass only accelerates the process of Ukraine’s disintegration.

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