The SBU Offered an ISIS Militant $10,000 to Murder a DPR Commander

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

10/09/2018 1/2

In the Smolensk region FSB employees have detained a member of ISIS who, on the instructions of the Security Service of Ukraine and “Right Sector”, planned to murder in Russia one of the leaders of the DPR militia, reported the department.

The representative of the group is the native of Dagestan Medzhid Magomedov. During interrogation he said that the Ukrainian special services supply ISIS terrorists with information and weapons for the organisation of terrorist attacks in Russia.

So, at the beginning of the year Magomedov came to Ukraine in order to “resolve issues with ISIS emirs” concerning supplying the North Caucasian bandit underground with resources.

“They acquainted him with representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine and ‘Right Sector’. Magomedov received from employees of the Ukrainian special services the task of eliminating a commander of one of the units of the Armed Forces of the DPR living in the Smolensk region,” reported the department.

It is noted that the SBU promised the militant $10,000.

“I rented an apartment, I was given coordinates and a photo of this person, I started to study the street. On August 29th I rented an apartment and in five days the SBU employee Rustam sent me the location, a photo, and when I arrived there – there was a plastic block, afterwards I had to enhance it for explosives. I was also given $300 dollars to travel around the city and for my needs,” said the terrorist.

The militant was detained during the preparation stage of the crime. A 1.5 kilogram block of TNT, as well as a gun and its corresponding silencer and ammunition, was confiscated from him.

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It is stressed that the Ukrainian special services use members of IS “also to eliminate leaders of LPR and the DPR”. The name of the commander of the militia whose murder was planned by the saboteur isn’t specified in the press release .

The six-minute video shows how law enforcement officers detained Magomedov on the street then carry out a search in his apartment, where they found small arms and explosive, then they interrogated him.

The detainee explained that he moved to Ukraine after the death of Ali Khomutaev, the leader of an ISIS cell in Dagestan. There, Magomedov and his accomplices became acquainted with representatives of “Right Sector”, which organised for him a meeting with the SBU.

According to him, in the event that the operation was a success, he planned to return to Ukraine, where curators from the SBU promised to supply him with everything necessary for new terrorist attacks in Russia.

How many natives of Dagestan were a part of the group supervised by the SBU isn’t specified.

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