The SBU Recommends to Snitch on Those Who Ask About the Situation in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Instructions for the citizens of Ukraine about how to behave on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, including also a reminder of punishment for treason, appeared in the passenger section of Ukrainian long-distance buses.

The consular departments of Ukrainian Embassies in Russia and Belarus, and also the SBU, promise Ukrainians protection should foreign intelligence agencies pose a risk to their life and health.

The SBU says that in case one is coerced into covertly cooperating with foreign intelligence agencies for the purpose of carrying out reconnaissance and subversive activities against Ukraine, and also into collecting information about the situation in Ukraine, one should immediately contact the SBU and a diplomatic mission or consular establishment of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian citizen is warned: if on the territory of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus they suddenly share information about the situation in Ukraine and won’t voluntary report to the SBU about it, they can fall under article 111 of the Criminal Code — “state treason”: an act that is made deliberately to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, defense capability, state, economic, or information security of Ukraine. Punishment here entails a prison term from 10 to 15 years.

On January 2nd the employees of the SBU detained the founder of the “Glavnovosti” website Pavel Karnazytsky. Without having given him the chance to pack his things, he was taken away in an unknown direction — as it turned out it was the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. The journalist was deported from the country and given a 3-year ban on entering the territory of Ukraine.

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The decision on “expulsion” was dated for December 4th 2018 — security officers intentionally didn’t inform Karnazytsky about the document in time in order to not give him the chance to protest in court.

The journalist assumes that he fell out of favour with the authorities on the back of the issue of Tomos of Autocephaly and the pressure being put on the orthodox church. It was in an interview with Karnazitsky that bishop Pavel [the vicar of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – ed] said that Filaret “kissed a demon”.

The journalist is accused of “anti-Ukrainian propaganda” – a very vague formulation. However. the odious Mirotvorets website immediately included Karnazytsky in the list of “enemies of the people”. Most likely, it is a list of enemies of the authorities, because screenshots where Pavel Karnazytsky dared to criticise the authorities in power were published as proof of his “anti-Ukrainianness”.

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