The SBU Searched and Looted the House of a Crimean Tatar Who Criticised the Mejlis

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The SBU carried out a search in the house of the former chairman of the Genichesk district state administration of the Kherson region Seytumer Nimetullayev, who is a critic of the Mejlis forbidden in Russia.

This was reported on the “Facebook” page of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Aleksey Zhuravko.

“The SBU carried out a search in Seytumer Nimetullayev’s house in Novoalekseevka. According to the locals, the raid happened at 9 o’clock in the morning. 30 people armed with machine guns and bludgeons, headed by the investigator, started breaking the doors down. The supply of electricity to the house was cut, since there are video cameras around the house. The investigator Voloshin Vadim Sergeyevich behaved provocatively. Nemitullayev’s relative was threatened and insulted. The whole house was turned upside down, document and phones were taken away, and the computer was smashed up,” wrote Zhuravko.

According to him, after the security officers left Nimetullayev found out that he had been robbed.

“It was discovered that his gold watch, 440,000 hryvnia, $2450, earrings, and rings were taken,” wrote Zhuravko.

Seytumer Nimetullayev moved to Crimea after the coup in Ukraine in 2014. He is the chairman of the public organization “Qirim Birligi” and the Public council of the Crimean Tatar people – an alternative to the “Mejlis” forbidden in Russia.

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