The SBU Searched the Home of Maidan Junta Critic Vladimir Skachko

On the morning of March 5th the SBU arrived at the house of the well-known Kiev-based journalist Vladimir Skachko in order to carry out a search within the framework of yet another fabricated pre-judicial investigation (as a part of criminal proceedings) concerning alleged persons linked to the “anti-Ukrainian activity of the Russian state media structures in Ukraine”. In other words, Poroshenko needs to silence as many critical mouths as possible before March 31st – the day of the presidential election.

The SBU reported that there are signs of a crime stipulated by part 2 of article 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Allegedly he is “one of the chief authors who prepared information materials at the request of Russian propaganda media”. By the way, here is an example of an article he wrote that the junta in Kiev considers to be “anti-Ukrainian”

The lawyer Aleksey Panasyuk arrived at Skachko’s apartment, but law-enforcers did not allow him to investigate because his ID couldn’t be confirmed. The existence of other documents confirming his ID did not help. The journalist said that he already has a lawyer who he signed a contract with, although he isn’t against working with the new one – Aleksey Panasyuk. A corresponding court decision will be made in accordance with the results of investigative actions.

Skachko is known for his publications that are critical of the current Ukrainian “government” and of OUN-UPA’s collaboration with Nazi Germany. In November the personal information of the journalist appeared on the SBU-controlled terroristic website Mirotvorets.

Skachko claims that when Nestor Makhno reigned in the south of the country during the civil war, it was the only progressive period. He started to build his state from a very proper level. At first Makhno turned people into proprietors, and then offered them to defend their rights, including civil and property rights. When a person knows his privileges, when they realise that it is bad for them to live without them, only then do they want to defend them and make pretensions to those who want to gain their trust vis-a-vis being at the helm of governance. Without this, democracy becomes the usual hoax, in which a flock of sheep can choose a wolf as its leader – a hungry wolf, who will devour them at the first opportunity. This is what, according to him, in recent years, is happening in Ukraine.

Upon learning about this news the well-known Ukrainian politician and writer Vasily Volga wrote on Facebook, where his page is under the constant surveillance of the Kiev regime, that Skachko is being strangled by the same article of the Criminal Code that was used against him at the back end of 2018.

His main fault is that he is an honest man. Post-Maidan, modern Ukrainian society is afraid of people like Vladimir Skachko. He is a very talented journalist and his publications act on the causative agents of Euro-NATO disease, like an antibiotic on spirochete, destroying the infection and healing the public body. It looks like the bacteria decided to take it seriously

Freedom of speech in Ukraine? Not since Maidan and Nuland’s cookies!

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