The SBU Searched the Homes of Writers Who Support the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The wave of repression against those who don’t agree with Ukraine being a puppet of America continues unabated, even with less than 2 weeks remaining until the presidential election. Thus, on March 13th the press service of the SBU in Cherkassy claims to have “stopped the distribution of provocative materials – prepared by a member of the Russian Writers’ Union living in Cherkassy – that kindle religious strife”. Translated from Orwellian, this means that a resident opposed Poroshenko’s persecution of the canonical Moscow Patriarchate and the creation of the schismatic so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

Field investigators of the Security Service established that an inhabitant Cherkassy … produced, at the request of Russian curators, materials that condemned and negatively estimated the creation of the Local church of Ukraine [OCU – ed] and obtaining the decision on granting Tomos. He spread these materials on Russian Internet resources

During the search at the place of residence of the suspect the henchmen of the SBU withdrew computer equipment that, according to them, contains “provocative materials”, and also flash drives and a laptop. These materials were sent for “examination”.

Criminal proceedings were initiated under Part 1 of Article 161 (violation of the equality of citizens on national, racial, and religious grounds) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and the “investigation” continues.

Earlier in the day the SBU in Cherkassy carried out another search, this time at the home of the writer Oleg Slepynin, because he allegedly “published articles against Tomos”. His friend Dmitry Skvortsov reported this on March 13th with reference to Slepynin.

“They came for me – a writer storyteller and winner of several literary awards,” said Slepynin via Skvortsov. “The Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU (7 people) carried out a search. From 08:00. It lasted 4 hours. I am incriminated with incitement under Article 161 (Violating the equality of citizens depending on their racial, national identity, religious beliefs, disability and on other grounds). I am accused of publishing articles about ‘Tomos’, etc. under pseudonyms (surnames of relatives and historical characters). My computer, laptop, USB stick, and phone were confiscated. My diplomas, books with autographs, business cards, and so on were photographed,” wrote Skvortsov.

It is known that Oleg Slepynin is a Russian writer living in Cherkassy, a winner of the International literary award of Yury Dolgoruky (2005), the International journalistic award “Russian World” (2005), and the winner of the International literary award “Russian Award” (under the chairmanship of Chinghiz Aitmatov, 2006).

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